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Building Others Up–Delivering Constructive Criticism Podcast

February 28, 2015


Last week on Sport.Org Radio we discussed “accepting constructive criticism,” this week we take a look at “how to deliver constructive criticism.”  To help us understand what the Bible has to say about this important endeavor, we’ll visit with Nett Knox, Australian track and field chaplain, and we’ll also get the thoughts of Glen Korobov of…

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Rising And Falling

March 4, 2015

We are now two months away from the annual NFL draft, and the science and art of player evaluation is going full tilt in the headquarters of every NFL team. With the player evaluation combine now completed, coaching staffs and player personnel teams are huddled in war rooms processing their data and discussing which players’…

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Pioneers and Pioneering

March 2, 2015

Last Friday, I was saddened to hear of the death of Earl Lloyd. While not as widely known as Jackie Robinson in baseball, Lloyd was a pioneer in his own right—becoming the first African American player to play a game in the National Basketball Association. reported that Lloyd made history in 1950 by appearing…

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Previous Programs

How Coachable Are You? Accepting Constructive Criticism Podcast

Robert_O'Kelley_2-21-15-C February 21, 2015

Though a coach’s instructions may be hard to hear, we’ll only improve by taking his or her guidance to heart! On Sport.Org Radio, learn how accepting criticism translates to our growth as Christians. We’ll hear from former Wake Forest guard Robert O’Kelley and from college basketball assistant coach Jeff Bauer on “How Coachable Are You?” Be…

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Building A Lasting Marriage Podcast

Jim_Morris_2-14-15-C February 14, 2015

When putting together a championship caliber team, each player needs to exhibit sacrifice, commitment, and dedication. And the same holds true in marriage! On Sport.Org Radio, we’ll discuss “building a lasting marriage” with Jim Morris, former major league baseball player. It was his incredible story that was portrayed in the 2002 movie, The Rookie. Enjoy…

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Confronting Addictions Podcast

Dean_Bouzeous_2-07-15-C February 7, 2015

Join us on Sport.Org Radio for an important conversation on steps we can take to confront addictions and help those we love find freedom. Dean Bouzeos of Athletes in Action and former LPGA pro, Tracy Hanson, will discuss how the Bible offers direction, hope, and help. Don’t miss this important discussion on Sport.Org Radio.

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