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Not About the Losses Podcast

August 30, 2014


Loss comes into our lives in a variety of ways—whether in a defeat on the field, the loss of a job, or the passing of someone we love. On Sports Spectrum, the team talks with Katy McCown, wife of NFL quarterback Luke McCown, about dealing with setbacks. We’ll also hear the thoughts of former Major…

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Labor Day

September 1, 2014

On this holiday where we celebrate work, most of us get to celebrate with a day of rest. Of course, that isn’t true of most professional athletes. When they are in their seasons, there is still work to be done. In fact, in past years Labor Day was a day when many Major League teams would…

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Not About the Losses

August 29, 2014

For many athletes, or competitors of any kind, nothing is worse than losing. In fact, this can be the driving force in many athletes’ pursuits. As former professional tennis player Jimmy Connors said, “I hate to lose more than I love to win.” When it comes to losing, no one ever did it better than…

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Not About the Wins Podcast

BurtHooton_08-23-14-c August 23, 2014

The pressure to win is ever present in the sports world. But that drive for achievement is also evident in the home, on the job, even in church. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll take a look at handling the pressure to succeed with former big league pitcher, Burt Hooton and Charlotte Eagles soccer coach, Mark Steffans….

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Not About the Game Podcast

Rob_Johnson_8-16-14-C August 16, 2014

The thrill of a walk-off home run, a three-pointer at the buzzer, or a game winning touchdown pass—these are sports moments that electrify fans and players alike. But they can’t compare to the excitement that comes from a daily walk with Jesus Christ. On Sports Spectrum, you’ll hear from Baylor University baseball coach, Steve Smith…

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Not About the Fame Podcast

Michael_Lorenzen_8-09-14-C August 9, 2014

With flashy highlights, impressive stats, and exciting scores splashed all over the news, it’s no wonder athletes and coaches battle with “celebrity status.” On Sports Spectrum, we’ll take a biblical evaluation of who we are and why our life pursuits shouldn’t be “. . . About the Fame.” You’ll hear from former LPGA golfer, Tracy…

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