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Defining Moments in Life Podcast

March 28, 2015


For figure skater Paul Wylie, the defining moment in his athletic career was capturing a silver medal in the 1992 Olympic Games. But a far more important event occurred when he committed his life to Jesus Christ. Paul will share his story this week on Sport.Org as we take a look at “defining moments” and God’s…

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Defining Moments

March 27, 2015

When I think about the Big Dance, my mind goes back to two defining moments from NCAA Tournaments past—and both are rooted in North Carolina schools. The first was in 1983, when Jim Valvano’s NC State Wolfpack stunned the basketball world by upsetting the top-seeded University of Houston (Phi Slamma Jamma) 54-52 on a last…

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A Sense Of Community

March 25, 2015

I have mentioned here before  that, for years, I have been a massive fan of Liverpool Football Club in the English Premier League. Because of that, I cannot begin to describe the thrill I recently had to attend a Liverpool FC game at historic Anfield Stadium in Liverpool. It was fabulous. I was amazed by…

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How Would Jesus Disagree? Podcast

Tommy_Bowden_3-08-14-c March 21, 2015

Disagreements are a part of life. They happen in competition, on the job, and at home. Since we can’t avoid conflict, how should we deal with it? This week on Sport.Org we will look to the pages of Scripture to see how Jesus handled disagreement. To help us, former college football coach, Tommy Bowden, and former…

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Caring For Our Bodies Podcast

JimmyPena-c March 14, 2015

Athletes know how important it is to care for the body. They go to great lengths to stay in shape so they can compete at the highest level. But do we have the same level of respect for the bodies God gave us? Join us on Sport.Org to hear what the Bible has to say about…

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Why Do You Pray? Podcast

JermaineChaney-C March 7, 2015

For some athletes and coaches, prayer means little more than asking for a win on game day. But what does prayer mean to you? We’ll take a look at that question this week on Sport.Org. We’ll also hear the thoughts of former NFL running back, Jermaine Chaney. “Why Do You Pray?” Find out on Sport.Org. 

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