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Expressing Our Thoughts Audibly And Online Podcast

April 25, 2015


Remember when you used to write a letter or make a call from a pay phone? We’ve come a long way in how we communicate with others, haven’t we? When you join us on this edition of Sport.Org Radio, we’ll talk with NASCAR analyst Ron Pegram and former Major League pitcher C.J. Nitowski about honoring…

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Sports Spectrum Blog

People Of Influence

April 27, 2015

Last week, a news website posted a list of the “100 Top Christian Leaders in America.” The list included Bible teachers, religious personalities, and denominational leaders from almost every stripe of Christendom imaginable—and was compiled based on influence, not role. In fact, the article made it clear that many of the men and women listed…

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Expressing Ourselves

April 24, 2015

I recently saw a report on ESPN that showed what a dangerous combination fantasy football and social media have inadvertently formed. In the report, there were two emphases—the intrusion of gambling into fantasy sports and the angry use of social media that targets athletes who don’t live up to the points projections that fantasy players…

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A New Season: A New Opportunity Podcast

Scott_McGregor_4-18-15-C April 18, 2015

It happens every spring: baseball teams begin a brand-new season, hoping they’ll make it to the World Series. On Sport.Org Radio, you’ll be encouraged as Blue Jays broadcaster Jerry Howarth and former Orioles hurler Scott McGregor talk about making the most of opportunities God provides us in new seasons of life. Listen to this edition…

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Serving The Master Podcast

Lauryn_Williams_4-11-15-C April 11, 2015

As followers of Christ, we’re called to an important task. God asks us to serve Him by serving others. But how do we live up to this big responsibility? On Sport.Org Radio, we’ll ask former Olympic athlete Lauryn Williams what serving God looks like in her life. Lauryn is the only American woman to medal…

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The Resurrection: A Time Of Celebration Podcast

Roger_Carr_4-04-15-C April 4, 2015

He is risen. He is risen indeed! On Sport.Org Radio, we’ll hear how our resurrected Savior has impacted the life and career of UNC-Asheville women’s basketball coach, Brenda Mock-Kirkpatrick. Also joining us will be former NFL wide receiver and current pastor, Roger Carr. Don’t miss “The Resurrection: A Time of Celebration” on this edition of…

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