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Kevin Malone – Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball’s regular season is over and it’s time for the playoffs. On this edition of Sports Spectrum Today we recap the 2008 season and talk about real-life issues with former Los Angeles Dodgers and Baltimore Orioles General Manager, Kevin Malone.

The 2008 season had some tremendous surprise stories of success as well as stories of despair and discouragement. Kevin has seen successful seasons and been with teams that have struggled. We also saw the closing of Yankee Stadium, our nation's most famous sports building. Kevin share’s his thoughts.

Don’t miss this baseball visit with Kevin Malone, on Sports Spectrum Today.

Andy Phillips – Major League Baseball

It was another tough season for baseball fans in Cincinnati. Once again the Reds languished near the bottom of the N. L. Central division. To get an up close and personal look at the Reds we visit with infielder Andy Phillips on this edition of Sports Spectrum Today.

Sometimes it is not easy for Major League players to experience joy during a bad season. It may be that no one has had tougher circumstances this season than Andy Phillips. Andy was traded twice within a 48 hour period. He also bounced up and down between the Major Leagues and AAA. In the big leagues his team wasn’t winning and he was not playing. When he did play he didn't hit. It was just not an easy year.

But none the less, Andy is thankful and shares his thoughts on the unusual season. Please take time to enjoy this conversation with infielder Andy Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds on Sports Spectrum Today.


Even though it’s early in the season, some of the league’s coaches are already on the hot seat and could be ousted at any time. Here are some names.


It’s the final weekend of Major League Baseball’s regular season. On Sports Spectrum Saturday we discuss baseball, along with some real-life issues and faith.

Major League Baseball

It’s the final weekend of Major League Baseball’s regular season and on Sports Spectrum Saturday we’ll discuss baseball, some real-life issues and faith.

Baseball can be fun for both players and fans when the team is winning, but the season can be a grind when your team is losing.

We hear a manager’s perspective in a visit with Trey Hillman of the Kansas City Royals. We also hear from players Andy Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds and Adam LaRoche of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Both have had had disappointing seasons. But both remain strong competitors and committed to the success of their respective teams.

We also talk with Kevin Malone, a former General Manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Kevin adds his viewpoint to the real-life issues discussion of playing on a losing team. On the other side Kevin previews the upcoming playoffs.     

Don’t miss the real-issues in sports and life on Sports Spectrum – Saturday.


The final weekend in September is big for college football. Here are my predictions for some of the key games this weekend.

Turner Gill – College Football

College football is making an amazing turnaround in western New York. For years the University of Buffalo has been a laughingstock in the Mid-American Conference, but that’s no longer the case.

Turner Gill – College Football

College football is making an amazing turnaround in western New York. For years the University of Buffalo has been a laughingstock in the Mid-American Conference, but that’s no longer the case.

The architect of the turnaround is Buffalo head coach Turner Gill. It’s our pleasure to talk with Turner on this edition of Sports Spectrum Today

Relationships are a major part of Turner’s coaching style and recruiting philosophy.  Turner shares his long term vision for his service to the University of Buffalo and his team.

Listening to Sports Spectrum Today and a conversation with Turner Gill is a great way to start off your football Friday.

Collins story is one of perseverance

Collins, a former quarterback for the Carolina Panthers and New York Giants is now the starting quarterback of the Tennessee Titans. This past Sunday he helped the Titans improve to a surprising 3-0 on the season after a 31-12 win over Houston.

Ray Melick – College Football - SEC

It’s an exciting time of the year for college football in the Southeastern Conference. On this edition of Sports Spectrum Today, we talk about the SEC and college football with Ray Melick, a sports columnist for the Birmingham News

Ray bounces around the Southeastern Conference in rapid fire fashion with Doug Redford. He comments on the Florida Gators and suggests that they may be a better team next year than they are now. He also talks about Alabama, possibly the surprise team in the nation this year and shares his thoughts on the big match-up this weekend with Alabama traveling to Georgia

Tennessee and the disappointing Vols will come up in the conversation as will Auburn and LSU

Don’t miss a brief, but informative college football visit with Ray Melick on Sports Spectrum Today.