The 13th Paralympic games saw 279 world records broken and 339 Paralympic records go down.  In addition, 79 countries and regions won medals in Beijing during the Paralympic games, also a record. With a magnificent closing ceremony last night, Iraqi war veteran and U-S swimmer, Melissa Stockwell was named the flag bearer for the United States.  She lost her left leg in a road side bomb and this was her first Paralympic experience.  She competed in the 100 meter butterfly, the 100 freestyle and the 400 meter freestyle. Host country China finished atop the medal standings with 211 total medals, followed by Great Britain with 102 and the United States finished third with 99. We thought we’d bring you some of the voices of the 2008 Paralympic games.  You will hear from Patty Cisneros and teammate Jennifer Ruddell, both members of the gold medal winning USA Women’s Wheelchair Basketball team.