It’s the final weekend of Major League Baseball’s regular season. On Sports Spectrum Saturday we discuss baseball, along with some real-life issues and faith.

Baseball can be fun for players and fans when the team is winning, but the season can be a grind when your team is losing.

We hear a manager’s perspective in a visit with Trey Hillman of the Kansas City Royals. We also catch a player’s point of view from Andy Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds and Adam LaRoche of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Both have had had disappointing seasons, but remain strong competitors and committed to the success of their respective teams.

Later we talk with Kevin Malone, a former General Manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Kevin also adds his viewpoint to this real-life issues discussion of playing on a losing team. On the other side of the game Kevin previews the upcoming playoffs.

Don’t miss the real-issues in baseball and life on Sports Spectrum – Saturday.