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Father’s Day Brings Back Memories

jim-bunning1484521799_5e8fd9ed6cOne the most underrated pitchers in baseball history might be Jim Bunning. Bunning was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1996. The honor was well deserved.

Bunning pitched for 17 years in the major leagues mostly with the Detroit Tigers and the Philadelphia Phillies. He became famous for throwing a no hitter in both the American League and…

Matt Herges – Major League Baseball – Cleveland Indians

It has been a disappointing season in Major League Baseball for the Cleveland Indians. The team's expectations are not being met and manager Eric Wedge is on the hot seat.

On this edition of Sports Spectrum Today, we talk with a veteran relief pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, Matt Herges.

Herges is not your typical Major League player. He gives new meaning to the term "journeyman." He has bounced up and down from the minor leagues to the major leagues and he has been with nine teams in 10 years.

But he and his family have enjoyed all of their moves. He sees his mission in baseball as helping his team win games and honor Christ in all that they do.

Don't miss this visit with Cleveland Indians pitcher Matt Herges on Sports Spectrum Today.