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The Need For Community

Cornerback may be the toughest position in all of professional football. It is not merely a matter of the skills needed or the challenges faced—it is because cornerbacks are so utterly exposed. Most of the time, corners are asked to match up against the opposition’s best receivers, and to do so one-on-one. Sure, there are times when defenses will go…

Chad Durbin – Major League Baseball – Philadelphia Phillies


Paul Alexander
Sports Reporter & Anchor
Fox Sports - Pittsburgh

Interviewed By: Frank Giardina

The Philadelphia Phillies are expected win the National League East and advance to the playoffs. Last fall, the Phillies got hot in the post-season and won the World Series.

On this edition of Sports Spectrum Today, we talk with Phillies pitcher Chad Durbin. He talks about what winning last year's world championship meant to the Phillies organization.   

Chad also talks about his journey as a Christian. It’s interesting to hear of his desire to represent his faith on the mound.

Get ready for the baseball post-season and enjoy this visit with Chad Durbin of the Philadelphia Phillies on Sports Spectrum Today.

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The Need For Community

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