Recently, I was watching a baseball highlights show on MLB Network, when they showed highlights of a game between the Padres and the Dodgers. There is nothing unusual about that—what got my attention was that they used the hometown radio feeds to narrate the highlights for each side. This meant that in those highlights I got to hear two of the all-time great baseball voices in the same package—Vin Scully (Dodgers) and Dick Enberg (Padres). It was terrific. Two classic announcers who understand the game and call it brilliantly made for a fun time. Even more importantly, it was a reminder of days when announcers did not see themselves as the stars of the story, but rather let the action of the game take center stage. In the same way, we sometimes might get the notion that we are the stars of our own stories, and seek to pull the attention to ourselves—but that would not be appropriate. For every follower of Christ, the focus must always be on our Lord, not on ourselves. In fact, one of the reasons God sees fit to use ordinary vessels like us is so “that no flesh should glory in His presence.” (1 Cor.1:29). He alone is worthy of the glory, praise, and honor for all the good things that happen in our lives. The very best thing we can do is point to Him—not ourselves— as the true “Star” of our story.   Bill Crowder, Sport Spectrum Chaplain