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Two-Minute Drill Podcast


On Sports Spectrum, South Carolina State quarterback R. V. Brown takes you inside the huddle and provides a unique perspective for handling moments of anxiety on and off the field. Perhaps you’re in the midst of a life-changing play in your own life. You’ll enjoy this edition of Sports Spectrum.

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Two-Minute Drill

Last week we discussed the special pressure attached to a fourth and goal situation with the game on the line. Today we examine a somewhat different but, in its own right, equally important pressure-point in a football game—the two-minute drill. As the clock is winding down, the ability to execute on offense becomes more and more…

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Say No

As I write this, I am in a hotel in Asia where I have had the opportunity to watch a bit of Barclays Premiere League football (soccer) from England. It seems as if it’s on television 24/7 even here. As a former college soccer player, I still love watching the “beautiful game” even though we…

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All the Way to the Finish

In NASCAR, there are a lot of things you don’t want to happen to you, but at the top of the list is being tagged with the dreaded label “DNF.” DNF stands for “Did Not Finish”—and a handful of DNFs can wreck (both literally and figuratively) your entire season. Whether because of a blown engine…

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Fourth & Goal Podcast


We’re at the goal line. Tension is mounting. A win is in the balance. These moments make or break us, not only in football, but in life. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll hear a thought-provoking conversation on how to respond in a Christlike manner when the pressure is on. Don’t miss this edition of Sports Spectrum.

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Fourth and Goal

It’s the fourth quarter. The game is tied. You are out of timeouts. It’s fourth and goal on your opponent’s 12-yard line. This is the time when you have to perform. The game is on the line and this one play will likely determine the outcome of the game. For some quarterbacks, this is the…

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Staying in Focus

In the bright lights of the World Series, players and coaches find themselves under a microscope. Every managerial move is scrutinized, every at bat takes on greater importance, and every defensive play has added value. The distractions of media, weather, and all of the other elements that make the World Series baseball’s biggest stage can…

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The Need for Community

Cornerback may be the toughest position in all of professional football. It is not merely a matter of the skills needed or the challenges faced—it is because cornerbacks are so utterly exposed. Most of the time, corners are asked to match up against the opposition’s best receivers, and to do so one-on-one. Sure, there are…

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Sudden Change Podcast


Whether it’s a layoff at work, a move across country, or an unexpected illness, it’s important to know how to react when sudden changes come our way. On Sports Spectrum, hear practical advice from U.S. Olympian, Sarah Scherer, and Detroit Pistons broadcaster, Mark Champion, on how to face moments of change with godly grace. Hear it on this…

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Sudden Change

One of my favorite terms found in the new jargon of NFL football is the term sudden change. It speaks to that moment when a turnover occurs, whether it be by way of fumble or interception, for, in that moment, the team must regroup. For the squad that has given away the ball, it is…

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