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Unwanted Change

Today is New Year’s Eve and, with it, many of us will greet one another with wishes of a Happy New Year. It will not be that, however, for some key individuals in the NFL for, in addition to being New Year’s Eve, today is also Black Monday—the Monday after the NFL’s final regular season…

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A Look Back at 2012 Podcast


The coming of a new year brings the opportunity not only to look forward to a new beginning, but to reflect on the year that’s passed. Enjoy a special New Year’s edition of Sports Spectrum as we revisit key stories and conversations from 2012. Find encouragement with the team from Sports Spectrum!

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Celebrating God’s Faithfulness

One of the hallmarks of greatness in professional sports is consistency. When I think about consistency in sports, I think about Cal Ripken and his iron man streak of 2,632 consecutive games played over a 17-year period. To be able to perform at a high level, let alone stay healthy, for such a lengthy period…

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Boxing Day

I trust that you and yours had a blessed and wonderful Christmas day yesterday. It is an extraordinary time—and one that many of us cherish. The day after Christmas, however, is a different thing. It is a day for returns and cleanup and exhaustion. In the United Kingdom, however, it is more. The day after…

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A Day of Celebration

Christmas and sports don’t always go together, but they sure did on Christmas Day, 1971. It was an AFC Divisional Playoff game between the Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs. At that time, I was a Miami fan and was watching because my favorite player (Paul Warfield) played for the Dolphins. Warfield (now a member…

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Immanuel, God With Us Podcast


Jesus Christ left the glory of heaven to come to Earth and walk among us. Enjoy a special Christmas edition of Sports Spectrum as we celebrate “Immanuel, God with Us.” Hear from professional soccer player Ella Masar, and a special Scripture reading from KOA Radio Sports Director, Mark Johnson. Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ…

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Tim Tebow has become something of a lightning rod in the world of sports. People either love him or hate him. They either respect him or mock him. While Tebow is still a young man with most of his journey in front of him, I count myself among those who hold him in high regard—and…

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’Tis the Season

Everywhere you look, the signs of the season are visible—chips, popcorn, and soda being purchased in large portions. Team jerseys, jackets, and hats being proudly displayed. Team flags flying and team fight songs being sung. The season of which I speak, of course, is college football’s bowl season. The first bowl game, the New Mexico…

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Life and Loss

Sports is rooted in the concept of winning and losing, and, although victories generally take one form (a W in the victory column), loss can come in many shapes and sizes. You can lose a point or lose a game or lose a match or lose a tournament. You can lose a player to injuries…

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Reflections on God’s Faithfulness Podcast


When we reflect on God’s faithfulness to His people, we see a time-tested truth: that He is with us even during times of adversity, pressure, and trial. On Sports Spectrum, hear from former Yankee second baseman, Bobby Richardson, and Gari Meacham, author and wife of Major League baseball coach Bobby Meacham. Find encouragement from God’s…

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