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Who’s Team Are You On?

Being a team player is critical if you want to win the big game and the game of life. This afternoon, we’ll hear from San Francisco 49ers tight end, Vernon Davis and Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Ray Lewis who both know the importance of being a strong team player. We’ll also hear from Super Bowl winning coach, Joe…

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Welcome to Super Bowl XLVII week and the first of our Super Bowl updates! Overcoming is the name of the game for any team that makes it all the way to the Super Bowl and especially those who go on to win the big game. This morning we’ll hear from San Fransisco 49ers head coach, Jim…

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Hope Deferred

I remember when the first Super Bowl was played in the 1960s. The Packers were the neighborhood bully, and the Chiefs never had a chance. Two years later, however, the balance of power began to shift as Joe Namath and his Jets shocked the football world by knocking off the feared Baltimore Colts. By the…

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