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Sacrifice Podcast


Being part of a team means sacrificing your personal agenda for the good of the team. This Easter weekend the Sports Spectrum team will look at the ultimate sacrifice, God’s gift to each of us in His Son, Jesus Christ. We’ll hear from former Dallas Cowboy, D.D. Lewis, former NFL wide receiver, Torrance Small, and…

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This Sunday launches the start of the 2013 Major League Baseball season with a Sunday night game between the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Field in Houston. If it’s a typical baseball game, it will be marked by hits and walks, outs and errors, and all the trappings of the game….

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I am not much of an NBA fan, but I have to say it has been hard to not get caught up in the two recent winning streaks in the NBA. The Miami Heat have now established the second-longest winning streak in NBA history. They have eclipsed the previous second-longest of 22 games by reaching…

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The Fall of Giants

Each year, March Madness lives up to its name, as seemingly impossible upsets mark the first two full rounds of the NCAA Men’s Tournament, and this year is no exception. Georgetown was upset by Florida Gulf Coast. New Mexico lost to Harvard. Gonzaga lost to Wichita State. Ole Miss knocked out Wisconsin. LaSalle beat Kansas…

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Defeating Discouragement Podcast


Discouragement can rob us of our peace and joy in Christ. So how do we keep discouragement from gaining a foothold in our lives? On Sports Spectrum we’ll take a close look at ways to defeat this enemy and live in victory! Don’t miss the conversation with former NFL players Rich Gannon and Mike Barber….

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Battling Discouragement

We are in the heart of March Madness, where the best college basketball teams in the country play in one of the most exciting tournaments in sports to determine the national championship. It is a tourney that boasts of the great squads from Duke, Indiana, Syracuse, Michigan State, UConn, North Carolina, and Kansas on an…

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Great Disappointment

To say that Bristol Motor Speedway has not been kind to Tony Stewart would be putting it mildly. In 29 career Sprint Cup races at the World’s Fastest Half-Mile, Stewart has only 1 win and 8 top tens. This for a driver who has multiple championships and 47 total career wins. I think Tony could…

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Level Ground

And now the field is set for the Big Dance—college basketball’s championship tournament. And, in a sense, all of the teams have one thing in common. They all start the tournament on level ground. There are no more wins or losses. RPIs are out the window. Records are now moot. Everyone has the same thing—the…

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Making the Right Choice Podcast


Every day we’re faced with a choice to honor God in our actions or to please ourselves. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll examine the impact our choices have on our lives as we talk with college basketball analyst, Clark Kellogg. We’ll also be joined by Peyton Sive, University of Louisville point guard, to hear what it…

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Making the Right Choice

You see it at least once in almost every baseball game. It is a “tweener,” one of the toughest plays for a major league outfielder. What is a tweener? It is one of those soft pop flies that floats perfectly into the seam between the range of the infielder and the range of the outfielder—and…

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