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The Priority of Protection

No one disputes that today’s NFL is a quarterback-driven league. We hear it all season long and, in the past months, we have heard it in the ramp-up to this year’s NFL draft. The reality of the quarterback-driven league was seen in last year’s draft when the first two picks were expended on the two…

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Closer Podcast


He’s called upon when the game is on the line in the ninth inning. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll take a look at the role of the “closer” and what we can learn for our spiritual lives. Don’t miss our conversations with former big league pitcher, Mark Dewey, and college baseball coach, Rusty Strap. We’re discussing…

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Few positions in sports carry with them as much inherent pressure as being the closer on a Major League baseball team. Whenever the closer takes the mound, they know that the game is in their hands. They are protecting a small lead, and the final outcome is far from settled. That is why the ability…

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Welcome to the Draft

Tomorrow evening is a Thursday night smack dab in the middle of the NFL’s offseason, so it’s hard to believe we can say this, but it’s true: Tomorrow night may be the most important evening of the year for many NFL teams. Of course, this is because tomorrow night is the first round of the…

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Time for Reflection

Today marks one week since the bombings at the Boston Marathon, and we continue to find ourselves filled with questions for which we have no answers. Though not an event on the same scale as 9.11, as Americans the tragic loss of life and the senseless cost in human pain brought about by the bombings resurface…

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Hot Corner Podcast


Third basemen know line drives can come their way at any time. Life throws many unexpected challenges our way too, and the key is preparation. We’ll discuss the “Hot Corner” on Sports Spectrum with former major-league infielder, Jerry Terrell, and chaplain Tim Griffin. Discover the “Hot Corner” on this edition of Sports Spectrum.

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Hot Corner

In my younger years, I played third base in both baseball and slow-pitch softball. As a result, I can tell you from experience that this idea of third base being the “hot corner” is not a figment of the imagination! It is completely about being able to instantly react. You don’t have time to think…

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Devastating Blow

While much of the sports world was watching the Masters this past weekend, NBA fans were focused on Los Angeles and the devastating injury Kobe Bryant experienced last Friday night. While trying to go to his left around Golden State Warriors’ Harrison Barnes, he went down in a heap. Bryant later said, “I made a…

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Shock and Awe at Augusta

The Masters is, for many golf fans, the real arrival of spring and the real beginning of the golf season. The first of the four majors, the Masters brings us once again to Augusta National, the legendary course built by Bobby Jones—arguably one of the greatest golfers of all time. With the Masters, it seems…

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Behind the Mask Podcast


Genuine Christlike behavior is the goal for all of us, but sometimes we lack consistency. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll address the issue of our true character as we go “Behind the Mask.” Among our guests, Major league umpire, Ted Barrett, and Grand Canyon University baseball coach, Andy Stankiewicz. I hope you’ll join us for this…

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