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Desire to Be Used

When our sons were younger, I sometimes helped coach their Little League baseball teams. One of the things you learn when coaching kids is the value of interpreting body language, because there are moments when you don’t need to hear a word to know where a kid is in terms of preparation. When the time…

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Determined to Make a Difference Podcast


Our days are filled with hundreds of choices, both big and small. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll discuss how to make the ultimate decision each day to impact others for the Lord. Hear from Longwood University head basketball coach, Jason Gee, and Missouri Southern State University defensive coordinator, Wally Ake, as they weigh in on “Determining…

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Becoming a Team Player Podcast


In most sports, it’s not enough to have a single star player. You need a strong team around you in order to achieve success! So as a Christian, are you a single performer or a team player? On Sports Spectrum, be listening as former Loyola Marymount women’s basketball assistant coach, Tracey Wolff, and former Clemson…

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Modeling and Mentoring

Anyone who coaches youth sports, whether it is little league baseball, rocket football, girls soccer, or a myriad of other activities for kids, is a mentor. Professional athletes sometimes debate whether they are, or should be, role models for young people to look up to—but no such debate exists in the world of youth sports….

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The Biggest Victory of All Podcast


Half of the US population will gather around their TVs to watch two teams compete to be Super Bowl champions. While we may never hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy, as Christians we can claim an even bigger prize! On Sports Spectrum, hear from Super Bowl winning coach, Tony Dungy, and others associated with this year’s…

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When Prayers Go Unanswered Podcast


Have you ever sent an important email or a letter only to receive no response? There are times when our prayer life can feel that way! On Sports Spectrum, All-Pro Dad’s Darrin Gray and Montana State Women’s Basketball Coach, Tricia Binford, discuss what to do when it feels like your prayers are hitting a wall…

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The Greatest Impact

When you think of the great coaches in NFL history, you are forced to focus on more than just wins and losses. You even have to look beyond championships and trophies. To evaluate the greatest coaches, you need to consider those who had the greatest impact on the game. For example, Sid Gillman took a…

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Calling a Timeout Podcast


When life gets tough it would be nice if we could simply signal to the refs for a “timeout”! On Sports Spectrum we’ll explore how to do just that. Join us as SCORE International National Basketball Director, David Conrady, and University of Tulsa Head Football Coach, Bill Blankenship, share a biblical foundation for taking a…

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Heart Issues

Over the weekend, news broke of Denver Broncos head coach John Fox being hospitalized following a health episode at a golf charity event. At first, the word was that there was nothing seriously wrong and that Fox would be just fine. Then, yesterday, it was announced that Fox would miss the next several Broncos games…

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Christ Our Ultimate Significance Podcast


With amazing catches, last second shots, and the roar of adoring fans, it’s difficult for athletes to remember their worth is not wrapped up in what they can do, but rather who they are. On Sports Spectrum, former NFL coach, Charlie Skalaski, and Jimmy Page of Fellowship of Christian Athletes weigh in on finding our…

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