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For God So Loved - Finishing Well

Whether it's a play, a game, or even an entire season, coaches often remind players of the importance of "finishing well." On this edition of Sport.Org, we'll be reminded of God's great promise that He will also "finish the work He's begun in us."

Coaching: It's More Than Wins And Losses

For coaches in today’s world of sports, it’s either win, or risk losing their job. On Sport.Org Radio, we’ll find out how some coaches cope with the pressure and seek to honor God in the process. Among our guests is Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach, Lovie Smith. Discover why coaching is more than wins and losses on Sport.Org Radio!

Making The Tough Call

Sometimes leaders are required to make tough decisions. And on Radio, we’ll visit with college football trainer John Spiker and Arizona State football chaplain Ricardo Stewart to hear about times they’ve been called upon to make difficult choices. Their insight will help us know what to do when we’re asked to “make the tough call.” Join us for Radio!

Powerful, Effective Prayer

NFL assistant coach Leslie Frazier once said, “In every decision I’ve made, it’s been first through prayer to glorify Jesus Christ as a football coach.” His words underscore the importance of a consistent prayer life. That’s our topic on Radio, when we hear from Darrin Gray of All Pro Dad and Deb Patterson, assistant college basketball coach at Northern Colorado.…

Building A Network of Support

Every NFL, college, or high school football coach understands the importance of building a network of support. On Radio, we’ll find out why this network is vital to growth and effectiveness, not only on the field, but in every area of life. Hear from Butler University athletic director Barry Collier when you tune in for Radio!

Adjusting To Change

It happens all the time in sports, a team suddenly turns the ball over, and their opponents have to respond fast. And in the same way, life can also change without a moment’s notice. On Radio, U.S. Paralympian John Register and college basketball coach Dean Lockwood help us understand the power that can be ours when we trust God during times…

When Pride Takes Center Stage

The team is on a winning streak, they seem to be doing everything right, pride begins to fill their hearts and the locker room. What happens when pride takes center stage? On Radio, we’ll answer that question. Don’t miss our visit with Arizona Cardinals broadcaster, Dave Pasch and Indiana University baseball coach, Chris Lemonis. That's all on this edition of Radio.…

Powerful, Effective Prayer Podcast

Current Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, says, “In every decision I’ve made, it’s been first through prayer.” When you join us on Sport.Org Radio, we’ll investigate the power of prayer with Darrin Gray of All Pro Dad. We’ll also hear from college basketball coach, Deb Patterson.  We're looking at “Powerful, Effective Prayer” on this edition of Sport.Org Radio.

Temptation: It's a Lifelong Battle Podcast

If you were to list the top three areas where you struggle the most, would temptation make the list? For many the answer would be “yes.”  Make plans to join us on this edition of Sport.Org Radio for a discussion on dealing with temptation. Among our guests is Alan Williams, assistant coach with the NFL’s Detroit Lions. We're addressing the real issues in…

How Would Jesus Disagree? Podcast

Disagreements are a part of life. They happen in competition, on the job, and at home. Since we can't avoid conflict, how should we deal with it? This week on Sport.Org we will look to the pages of Scripture to see how Jesus handled disagreement. To help us, former college football coach, Tommy Bowden, and former Super Bowl referee, Dean Look, will…