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The Big Game

So here it is—at last. After thousands of hours of regular season games, hundreds of hours of tournament games, and uncountable hours of anxious anticipation, the moment of the tip-off for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game is at hand. Tonight, two great teams—the UConn Huskies and the Kentucky Wildcats—will face each other at AT&T…

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Pressing On Toward The Goal Podcast


Making the NCAA Final Four is the result of a season of hard work and concentration. Each team pushes toward this illusive goal for months. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll visit with TV analyst, Clark Kellogg, and we’ll go one-on-one with the voice of the Fighting Illini, Brian Barnhart, talking about “Pressing on Toward the Goal.”…

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Determined to Make a Difference Podcast


Our days are filled with hundreds of choices, both big and small. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll discuss how to make the ultimate decision each day to impact others for the Lord. Hear from Longwood University head basketball coach, Jason Gee, and Missouri Southern State University defensive coordinator, Wally Ake, as they weigh in on “Determining…

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Busted Brackets

Anyone who has ever filled out a bracket for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament knows how fickle the Big Dance can be. For most of us, it is impossible to anticipate all of the upsets that inevitably occur—and this year has been no exception. The first warning of another topsy-turvy tourney came on day one…

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The Impossible

We are now on the threshold of the first round of March Madness, and in a very few days people across the country will be looking at their brackets, scratching their heads, and asking, “Why did I pick them?” Always, someone picks a #16 seed to beat a #1 seed—but, coming into this year, #16…

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The Peril of Complacency Podcast


So often the obstacle standing in the way of a win is not the opposition, but our own complacency! On Sports Spectrum, former Indiana Pacer, Tom Abernethy, and NC State Football color analyst, Johnny Evans, discuss the danger of settling for mediocre when we should be striving for the best! We’ll also go to the…

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Becoming a Team Player Podcast


In most sports, it’s not enough to have a single star player. You need a strong team around you in order to achieve success! So as a Christian, are you a single performer or a team player? On Sports Spectrum, be listening as former Loyola Marymount women’s basketball assistant coach, Tracey Wolff, and former Clemson…

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Go Time

We are now entering a most critical time in the men’s college basketball season. With only a handful of games to go before conference tournaments set the table for March Madness, teams are battling to avoid surprising upsets and to establish their credentials for the Big Dance in March. Syracuse, atop the rankings for much…

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When Prayers Go Unanswered Podcast


Have you ever sent an important email or a letter only to receive no response? There are times when our prayer life can feel that way! On Sports Spectrum, All-Pro Dad’s Darrin Gray and Montana State Women’s Basketball Coach, Tricia Binford, discuss what to do when it feels like your prayers are hitting a wall…

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When Prayers Go Unanswered

On November 14, 1970, an event took place that shook the world of college sports and continues to impact many today. It was the plane crash that took the lives of the entire Marshall University football team, most of the coaches, and many of the civic leaders of Marshall’s hometown of Huntington, West Virginia. Being…

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