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Can You Be Trusted? Podcast

This past month on Sports Spectrum we’ve been looking at topics that help us “maximize our lives for Christ.” This week, we’ll keep the conversation going with a look at “trust.” We’ll visit with Dan Bishop from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Marist assistant men’s basketball coach, C.J. Lee. Can you be trusted? Join the conversation on  this edition of Sports Spectrum.

Spiritual Gifts Podcast

God has given each of us special gifts and talents. But how do you know which gift you have? Join us on Sports Spectrum, as we look at spiritual gifts, and how to find yours. Former pro baseball player and now pastor Jeff Terrell weighs in. And we’ll also get the insight of Jimmy Page from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. A helpful conversation…

Christ Our Ultimate Significance Podcast

With amazing catches, last second shots, and the roar of adoring fans, it’s difficult for athletes to remember their worth is not wrapped up in what they can do, but rather who they are. On Sports Spectrum, former NFL coach, Charlie Skalaski, and Jimmy Page of Fellowship of Christian Athletes weigh in on finding our true value in Jesus alone.…

Giving Grateful Praise Podcast

Each of us has been blessed with unique skills and abilities. On Sports Spectrum, special guests Roger Lipe of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and women’s basketball coach Beckie Francis reveal how God’s blessing in the sports arena provides a platform for giving Him praise. Enjoy this edition of Sports Spectrum.

Loyalty Podcast

We demonstrate commitment in the way we treat our spouse and care for our children. But for the follower of God, the first priority should be to our Lord and Savior. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll examine what the Bible has to say about loyalty as we visit with U.S. Olympic bobsledder Elana Meyers. Be listening to this edition of Sports Spectrum!

Working Through a Slump Podcast

Things are going great. Everything is falling into place perfectly . . . until life throws you a curve ball. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll hear from Jimmy Page of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Penn State gymnastics coach, Randy Jepsen, as they share steps for “Working Through a Slump.” That and more on this edition of Sports Spectrum.

Character Podcast

Building character isn’t easy. It takes time and diligence. On Sports Spectrum, discover what the Bible says about character. Hear from the president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, as well as major-league pitcher Mickey Weston on what godly character means to them. It’s all coming your way on this edition of Sports Spectrum.

Building for Success Podcast

Whether you’re anticipating a new player to round out your favorite team, or searching for the rookie that will make your fantasy league top of the charts, the NFL draft provides an inside look at how a team builds for success. On Sports Spectrum, see how preparation and wise choices impact our life for Christ. We’re learning how to “Build…

Helping Athletes Develop Christlike Character Podcast

We can all see the “teachable moments” sports provides for our children but how do we help them take the next step . . . to become godly athletes? On Sports Spectrum we’ll get the thoughts of Ashland University women’s basketball coach, Sue Ramsey. We’ll also hear from Sugar Estes who has been a Fellowship of Christian Athletes huddle leader for…

Time Management Podcast

You’ve undoubtedly used phrases like “where’s the time gone” or “there are just not enough hours in the day.” On Sports Spectrum, we’ll take a look at how we can manage our time in a God-honoring way. To help us work through the issues will be Jimmy Page of the "Fellowship of Christian Athletes," Stephanie Zonars with "Life Beyond Sport," and former…