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All-Star Qualities Podcast

The Major League Baseball All-Star classic is a fitting reminder that all-star qualities are essential on and off the baseball diamond. Join Bill Houston and the Sports Spectrum team as they talk with former big league players Floyd Bannister and Chris Singleton about what it means to be an all-star player in your walk with Christ.

All-Star Quality

In May, when the Angels’ ace pitcher Jered Weaver threw the first no-hitter of his career, he was overwhelmed with emotion. When interviewed, Weaver, an All-Star hurler by any standard, immediately began to talk about his parents and wife, the support of his family and their importance in his life, and how this master-class pitching performance would never have been…

Take a Breath

As we celebrate the Fourth of July in America today, it is a nice time to sit back and take a deep breath. We are about halfway through the year, and Major League Baseball is about halfway through their season. In the weeks ahead, the All Star break will give many players and team officials some time to catch their…

Character Podcast

Building character isn’t easy. It takes time and diligence. On Sports Spectrum, discover what the Bible says about character. Hear from the president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, as well as major-league pitcher Mickey Weston on what godly character means to them. It’s all coming your way on this edition of Sports Spectrum.

Confidence Podcast

NFL Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi once said, “Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.” On Sports Spectrum, hear how certainty in Christ deeply impacts the lives of those around us. Examine what the Bible has to say about confidence on this edition of Sports Spectrum.

Confidence and Christ

One of the toughest positions in Major League Baseball is that of the closer—the relief pitcher who enters the game in the late innings to try and save the win for the team. One closer said that his was the only role on the team where, if he has a bad day, the whole team has a bad day. Lots…

Choices Podcast

The choices we make not only define our priorities, but also impact those around us. On Sports Spectrum, hear from a father of three Division I basketball players. He’ll share how Christ’s involvement in his decision-making made all the difference for his family. Timely commentary for your family on this edition of Sports Spectrum!

Choices and Their Consequences

Perhaps no single event in baseball’s recent past so completely speaks to the issue of choices and their consequences as the steroid scandals of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Some of the most beloved and admired players of that era found their records and reputations badly tarnished by the choice to use performance-enhancing drugs to expand their abilities. Players…

Commitment Podcast

There are a number of things in life worthy of our time and effort. And the people and places on which we focus the bulk of our energy ultimately direct our life journey. On Sports Spectrum, hear riveting conversations with Cleveland Indians infielder Jason Donald and San Francisco Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt. Discover the important role commitment has to play in…

Courage Podcast

Knowing Christ, and drawing from His strength, gives us the courage to get through the challenges life throws our way. On Sports Spectrum, former NHL player, Mark Osborne, describes how keeping God his main focus helped him courageously face life both on and off the ice. Inspiration for your journey on this edition of Sports Spectrum!