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Pioneers and Pioneering

Last Friday, I was saddened to hear of the death of Earl Lloyd. While not as widely known as Jackie Robinson in baseball, Lloyd was a pioneer in his own right—becoming the first African American player to play a game in the National Basketball Association. reported that Lloyd made history in 1950 by appearing…

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Natural Gifts And Talents Podcast


What’s the difference between your natural gifts and talents and spiritual gifts? This week on Sports Spectrum, Indiana Pacers chaplain, Dr. James Jackson, and former Major League outfielder, Matt Meiske, talk about this important distinction. Be listening to this edition of Sports Spectrum.

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Spiritual Gifts

Any number of things contribute to how far a person may go in their chosen sport. Certainly among those things are opportunity, resources, and coaching. Some young baseball players may have had  the opportunity to grow up in a warmer climate where they could play year round, honing their craft and developing their understanding of…

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Getting It Together    

For the people of Cleveland, “The Return of the King” was not just the name of the final movie in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. It was the return of LeBron James to the ranks of their beloved Cavaliers. In spite of the lofty expectations his return brought to their season, the Cavs began…

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Maintaining Humility In A Self-Centered World Podcast


On Sports Spectrum, we’ll visit with WNBA chaplain, Christen Shefchunas  and collegiate volleyball coach, Doug Walters for a look at staying humble. In a world that encourages us to build ourselves up, what steps can we take to have a biblical view of ourselves in sports, on the job, and at home? We’re learning to…

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How We Finish

This weekend, the eyes of the American sports public were largely focused on football. In college, the big games of the weekend included Texas against Kansas State, USC versus Utah, and Mississippi taking on LSU. There were also plenty of big contests in the NFL, as Baltimore faced off against Cincinnati, the Packers battled the…

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Every Tribe and Nation

In the sports film Remember the Titans, we go back to the racially charged days of the early 1970s and a high school football program in Virginia that was experiencing forced integration. It is a terrific, inspiring, and well-told story of the struggle to come to grips with racial and ethnic biases, fears, and injustices….

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The Best Defense

For a long time, it has seemed that the NBA has lost its sense of defense. The days of a dominant center like Celtic Bill Russell making the paint a dangerous place to play, or of NY Knick Walt Frazier picking pockets and starting fast breaks had almost come to feel like ancient history to…

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Decision-Making God’s Way Podcast


Every day we are faced with a thousand different choices. So in the face of so many options, how do we know which decisions are the right ones? We’ll tackle that question on Sports Spectrum as we talk with Cincinnati Reds pitcher Lee Hyde and the chaplain of the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, Herbie Kuhn. Discover…

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Keeping Control

We’ve all seen it—an NBA forward takes a hard foul, and gets up swinging his fists. A pitcher throws at a hitter’s head, and both benches clear. Hockey players drop their gloves and start going at each other. The intensity of emotions that are stirred in the midst of competition are at the same time…

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