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Wearing A Mask

In recent days, there was a minor controversy in the NBA concerning none other than LeBron James—the Association’s best player. Having recently suffered a broken nose, he took to the court last Thursday night for the first time since his injury, wearing a black mask to protect his nose. After the game, however, it was…

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When Life Unravels – Part 2 Podcast


How do you get by when life leaves you battered and bruised? On Sports Spectrum, we’ll tackle the second part of our two-part series called “When Life Unravels.” Hear from former Detroit Lions linebacker, Chris Spielman, and Detroit Pistons play-by-play announcer, Mark Champion, as they explore what to do when life doesn’t play fair. “When Life…

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Time to Reflect

One of the things that frustrates me about basketball, whether it be college or pro, is that the last few minutes of the game take so long to play out. As the clock is running out, the pressure increases and the speed of the game picks up dramatically. With the frenzied pace of the game,…

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‘Maxing Out’: Giving Our All For Christ Podcast


It takes talent, desire and discipline for professional athletes to reach their full potential. And like the pros, we need an all-out dedication to be all that God wants us to be! On Sports Spectrum, we’ll talk about how to fully commit to following Christ. Don’t miss conversations with Detroit Tigers player, Don Kelly, and…

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An “Aha” Moment

As the NBA pre-season continues its march to the start of the 2013-2014 campaign, I am always fascinated by the athleticism of these players. To see individuals who are so huge, yet so graceful, is amazing. Similarly, I look at NHL hockey players and marvel at the moves they can make on ice—movements that many…

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Playing Through Pain

This past weekend was notable for its sheer breadth of sporting events—NBA and NHL playoffs, great golf from North Carolina, intense NASCAR racing from Talladega, baseball, soccer, and the Kentucky Derby all combined to make for a smorgasbord of sporting delights. What caught my attention, however, was the reminder that sometimes sports is not about…

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Domination and Intimidation

As the first round of the NBA Playoffs continues, the Miami Heat have already shown why they are the defending champs—and the top seed in the postseason. With Sunday’s 88-77 win over the Milwaukee Bucks, the Heat completed a four-game sweep over their first-round opponent. Not only was it a sweep, it really wasn’t even…

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Devastating Blow

While much of the sports world was watching the Masters this past weekend, NBA fans were focused on Los Angeles and the devastating injury Kobe Bryant experienced last Friday night. While trying to go to his left around Golden State Warriors’ Harrison Barnes, he went down in a heap. Bryant later said, “I made a…

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I am not much of an NBA fan, but I have to say it has been hard to not get caught up in the two recent winning streaks in the NBA. The Miami Heat have now established the second-longest winning streak in NBA history. They have eclipsed the previous second-longest of 22 games by reaching…

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Sports, Ridicule, And The Christian Life Podcast


How do you respond when those you love question your beliefs? It’s not easy defending your faith in the face of persecution. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll hear the thoughts of Major League umpire Ted Barrett, and former NBA head coach, Del Harris on how to handle “Sports, Ridicule, and the Christian Life.” You’ll want to…

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