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Walking by Faith Podcast


When you hear the challenge to “walk by faith,” what comes to mind? Maybe you think of spiritual activities like prayer, Scripture reading, and church attendance. But is there more to it than that? On Sports Spectrum, the team talks with former NFL wide-receiver, Tim Brown, as he shares his thoughts on what it means…

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Walking by Faith

When the Cleveland Browns opened their 2014 NFL season, they did so with a new head coach—Mike Pettine. In fact, they started this campaign with their third new head coach in the last three years. While that kind of instability can produce plenty of uncertainty and a sense of organizational disorientation, it also forces the…

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Domestic Violence

In recent days, several high-profile cases of domestic violence involving NFL players have dominated the sports media. Questions are being posed about a variety of things in these incidents, but, in the process, it seems as if the conversation has shifted to the specific personalities and details of these particular events—while shifting away from the…

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The Need For Heart

As the 2014 NFL season fully kicked into gear yesterday, filled with pomp and circumstance, the reminders were everywhere that the National Football League (like all professional sports) is a business. Every game’s commentary was peppered with conversations of union negotiations, new big money contracts, and more. The fact that sports is a business can…

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Defending Your Faith Podcast


The Bible calls us to always be ready to explain the hope we have in Christ. But how do we properly prepare for defending our faith? We’ll get some answers on Sports Spectrum, as we visit with Charleston Southern offensive coordinator, Gabe Giardina, and Arizona Cardinals broadcaster, Dave Pasch. Be sure to join us for…

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Defending the Faith

This weekend, the 2014 National Football League season kicks off; and the Seattle Seahawks have begun the defense of their Super Bowl crown with the season’s home opener last night against the Packers—which the Hawks won convincingly, 36-16. And it is very appropriate to think of it in terms of a title defense, for the…

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Time for Kickoff

The NFL schedule makers, with their computers and algorithms, got it exactly right. Tomorrow night, the 2014 National Football League season kicks off with a huge battle between two of the NFL’s most attractive teams—the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers. It will be a battle between two top-notch coaches (Pete…

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Not About the Losses Podcast


Loss comes into our lives in a variety of ways—whether in a defeat on the field, the loss of a job, or the passing of someone we love. On Sports Spectrum, the team talks with Katy McCown, wife of NFL quarterback Luke McCown, about dealing with setbacks. We’ll also hear the thoughts of former Major…

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Not About the Losses

For many athletes, or competitors of any kind, nothing is worse than losing. In fact, this can be the driving force in many athletes’ pursuits. As former professional tennis player Jimmy Connors said, “I hate to lose more than I love to win.” When it comes to losing, no one ever did it better than…

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Decision Time

With Sunday night’s preseason NFL game between Cincinnati and Arizona in the books, it is time for NFL coaches to start making some decisions. Yes, there is one more weekend of the exhibition season, but few if any starters will see action in the last round of games. This weekend’s contests are about securing one…

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