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The two weeks following the NFL conference championship games are supposed to be a time of celebrating the National Football League and its grand finale—the Super Bowl. It is a time to polish up the Lombardi Trophy and to reassert the NFL’s death-grip on the title “America’s Favorite Sport.” Most years, that is the script and…

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Hope Deferred

I remember when the first Super Bowl was played in the 1960’s. The Packers were the neighborhood bully, and the Chiefs never had a chance. Two years later, however, the balance of power began to shift as Joe Namath and his Jets shocked the pro football world by knocking off the feared Baltimore Colts. By…

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Spiritual Gifts

Any number of things contribute to how far a person may go in their chosen sport. Certainly among those things are opportunity, resources, and coaching. Some young baseball players may have had  the opportunity to grow up in a warmer climate where they could play year round, honing their craft and developing their understanding of…

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A Winning Game Plan

Welcome to 2015—a new year that will undoubtedly be filled with new opportunities and new challenges. New England Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick is considered one of the greatest head coaches of his generation, with multiple Super Bowl trophies and, perennially, one of the most dominant teams in the National Football League. He was not…

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Unwanted Change

Today is New Year’s Eve and, with it, many of us will greet one another with wishes of a Happy New Year. It will not be that, however, for some key individuals in the NFL. In addition to today being New Year’s Eve, two days ago was Black Monday—the Monday after the NFL’s final regular season…

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Good News Of Great Joy! Podcast


At the birth of Jesus, a heavenly army proclaimed the amazing news that the Prince of Peace had arrived on earth! When you join us on Sports Spectrum, you’ll hear two encouraging stories of the peace on earth today. Don’t miss the amazing journey of North Carolina State broadcaster Gary Hahn, and Clyde Christensen, assistant coach with the Indianapolis…

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There is a juggernaut steamrolling its way through the NFL this season, and it will be on show again tonight as Monday Night Football travels to Wisconsin for the Green Bay Packers game against the Atlanta Falcons. A slow start had Packer nation and football pundits loudly questioning the team and their potential, but Packers’…

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Dealing with Change

It can be awfully difficult when life changes dramatically. When I think of dealing with change in sports, I think of it, I’m afraid, in ways that are mostly negative. I think of Baltimore Colts fans, who, in March of 1984 discovered that their team had been moved to Indianapolis; of Browns fans who then…

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Grateful For God’s Goodness Podcast


On the Thanksgiving edition of Sports Spectrum, we’ll visit with Super Bowl-winning head coach, Tony Dungy and former NFL wide receiver, Don Beebe on what it means to be thankful for God’s goodness and grace. This Thanksgiving, be reminded of God’s blessings when you tune in and join the Sports Spectrum team.

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Wrestling With The Question Of Why Podcast


Parents of young children often cringe when the dreaded “why” question comes into play. But it’s not only kids who ask “why.” On Sports Spectrum, New York Giants chaplain, George McGovern shares his thoughts on how asking “why” is a worthwhile question. And our own Bill Crowder will share Scriptures that help us wrestle with common questions….

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