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Risen Indeed Podcast


For the follower of God, Easter morning represents the culmination of Jesus Christ’s victory over sin, and the promise of new life! This Easter weekend on Sports Spectrum, Baltimore Ravens chaplain, James Trapp, shares his personal story of God’s power to transform lives. Christ is “Risen Indeed!” Join Sports Spectrum this Easter weekend.

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Where Do You Turn?

We are now in the NFL’s equivalent of NASCAR’s silly season, and players are moving from team to team so quickly that it seems impossible to keep up. Some of this is because a certain number of players are highly sought after—but usually it is because the team is wanting to dump some salary, or…

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Significant Preparation

With the completion of last night’s Super Bowl in New York/New Jersey, the nation can now catch its collective breath and move forward from football—but not really. The National Football League has developed itself into a 12-month-a-year reality. Upcoming rookie combines lead to the draft—which, for many teams and fans, has become almost as important…

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The Biggest Victory of All Podcast


Half of the US population will gather around their TVs to watch two teams compete to be Super Bowl champions. While we may never hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy, as Christians we can claim an even bigger prize! On Sports Spectrum, hear from Super Bowl winning coach, Tony Dungy, and others associated with this year’s…

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The Most Important Victory of All

With this being the weekend for Super Bowl XLVIII, there will no doubt be lots of discussions of past Super Bowl games. Fans of different teams will always have differing choices as to the greatest of all Super Bowl victories, but, in terms of pure history and impact on the game, Super Bowl III must…

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Patience Rewarded?

Late last week, the Cleveland Browns announced the hiring of new head coach Mike Pettine, who had previously served as defensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills. For Browns fans, it was the end of a long, nervous time of waiting—exacerbated by the Browns’ prime candidates removing their names from consideration, while secondary targets for the…

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Hitting the Pause Button

After a grueling preseason featuring four exhibition games, followed by 16 regular season games in a 17-week season and concluded by three weeks of postseason excitement, many NFL fans dread the weekend between the AFC and NFC championship games and the Super Bowl. The NFL has even tried to address that by moving the Pro…

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When We Don’t Measure Up Podcast


It’s easy to compare ourselves to those around us. And often when we do, we find ourselves falling short of the mark! On Sports Spectrum we’ll discuss how to fight those unfair comparisons. Join us as Baltimore Ravens Team Chaplain, Johnny Shelton, and US Olympic medalist Elana Meyers share biblical insights on what to do…

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When We Don’t Measure Up

It happens every year in every sport. The process of player selection and evaluation is a painstaking one, where scouts scout, talent evaluators evaluate, coaches coach, and decisions are made. Sometimes those choices are made in the draft, where, in the NFL for instance, mountains of data are accumulated and analyzed, combined results are put…

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Strength Against Strength

When the dust had settled and the Seahawks had run out the clock in the victory formation, the opponents for Super Bowl XLVIII in New York had been decided. The teams and fans for the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks have plenty to be excited about, as the long journey that began with the opening…

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