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Wrestling With The Question Of Why Podcast


Parents of young children often cringe when the dreaded “why” question comes into play. But it’s not only kids who ask “why.” On Sports Spectrum, New York Giants chaplain, George McGovern shares his thoughts on how asking “why” is a worthwhile question. And our own Bill Crowder will share Scriptures that help us wrestle with common questions….

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A Different Fight

For as long as I can remember, the National Football League has been analyzed with much of the same vocabulary used to describe military conflict—blitz, warrior, going to battle, attack, bomb, and on and on it goes. Now, the NFL is fighting a different fight, and it is also a battle that has combative elements…

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Guarding Your Heart Podcast


Proverbs 4:23 tells us to “guard our hearts . . .” But what exactly does that look like, and how is it accomplished? On Sports Spectrum, we’ll hear from former LPGA golfer, Tracy Hanson and former NFL running back, Napoleon Kaufman as they discuss ways to protect our hearts. Join us for an important discussion…

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Surprising Blessings

I grew up (and am still today) a Cleveland Browns fans—which may explain a lot about my emotional state. In any case, as a boy, my favorite player was Hall of Fame wide receiver Paul Warfield. His grace, elegance, speed, and skill on the field demanded double- and sometimes triple-coverage from defenses, creating opportunities for…

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When You Feel Alone

Cornerback may be the toughest position in all of professional football. It is not merely a matter of the skills needed or the challenges faced—it is because cornerbacks are so utterly exposed. Most of the time, NFL corners are asked to match up against the opposition’s best receivers, and to do so one-on-one. Sure, there…

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Why Do I Matter? Search for Significance Podcast


We’ve heard the questions many times, “What’s my purpose and why am I here?” On Sports Spectrum, we’ll examine how God’s Word answers those questions. We’ll also hear what former NFL player, Rich Garza’s, and former Olympic diver, Laura Wilkinson’s thoughts are on these questions. “Why Do I Matter? A Search for Significance” all coming…

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Why We’re Here

There are different kinds of sports figures—the athlete, the personality, the performer, the entertainer. Showing for the crowd may get you on Sportscenter, but it could hurt your team (penalties, etc.), it could cost you relationships with teammates, or it could hurt your reputation. When Barry Sanders played in the NFL, he scored many touchdowns, but…

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Walking by Faith Podcast


When you hear the challenge to “walk by faith,” what comes to mind? Maybe you think of spiritual activities like prayer, Scripture reading, and church attendance. But is there more to it than that? On Sports Spectrum, the team talks with former NFL wide-receiver, Tim Brown, as he shares his thoughts on what it means…

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Walking by Faith

When the Cleveland Browns opened their 2014 NFL season, they did so with a new head coach—Mike Pettine. In fact, they started this campaign with their third new head coach in the last three years. While that kind of instability can produce plenty of uncertainty and a sense of organizational disorientation, it also forces the…

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Domestic Violence

In recent days, several high-profile cases of domestic violence involving NFL players have dominated the sports media. Questions are being posed about a variety of things in these incidents, but, in the process, it seems as if the conversation has shifted to the specific personalities and details of these particular events—while shifting away from the…

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