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Not About the Losses Podcast


Loss comes into our lives in a variety of ways—whether in a defeat on the field, the loss of a job, or the passing of someone we love. On Sports Spectrum, the team talks with Katy McCown, wife of NFL quarterback Luke McCown, about dealing with setbacks. We’ll also hear the thoughts of former Major…

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Not About the Losses

For many athletes, or competitors of any kind, nothing is worse than losing. In fact, this can be the driving force in many athletes’ pursuits. As former professional tennis player Jimmy Connors said, “I hate to lose more than I love to win.” When it comes to losing, no one ever did it better than…

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Decision Time

With Sunday night’s preseason NFL game between Cincinnati and Arizona in the books, it is time for NFL coaches to start making some decisions. Yes, there is one more weekend of the exhibition season, but few if any starters will see action in the last round of games. This weekend’s contests are about securing one…

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Not About the Wins

When a football fan hears the name “Dan Marino,” a number of things immediately come to mind. I first encountered that name as a fan of West Virginia University football when Marino played quarterback for the dreaded Pitt Panthers. When Marino entered the NFL, however, he became the centerpiece of a Miami Dolphins offense that…

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Old Faces, New Places

One of the oddities of NFL training camps is seeing longtime veterans in different uniforms. This has occurred once again this summer with, among others, longtime Jet Darrelle Revis surprisingly wearing the uniform of the once-hated Patriots and D’Qwell Jackson, a Browns linebacker for eight seasons, wearing the blue and white of the Indianapolis Colts. These…

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Mysterious Days

With the smell of summer sweat and the sound of popping pads, National Football League training camps are now in full swing. For football fans, it is a great time of the year filled with anticipation and excitement—but it is also filled with mystery. Patriots fans wonder if Tom Brady will be the Tom Brady…

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Not About the Money Podcast


Whether in sports or everyday life, our culture pushes a relentless pursuit of the almighty dollar. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll examine what God has to say about money and its role in our lives. Join us as we visit with former NFL player, Spencer Tillman and college basketball coach, Bob Hoffman. We’ll discover why it’s…

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The Importance Of Recognition

Last week, NFL training camps got into full swing and that meant that rookies—especially rookie quarterbacks—were drinking from a fire hose. For rookies (and players who have switched teams), there is an enormous amount of playbook information to process. There is a huge amount of vocabulary and terminology to learn. And, for quarterbacks, there is…

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The Ultimate Reward Podcast


Athletes who excel can expect a multitude of awards and accolades for their achievements. Unfortunately, both our talents and trophies won’t last forever. On Sports Spectrum, the team talks about the prize that never fades. Hear from former NFL center, Kevin Mawae, and Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt to discover “The Ultimate Reward.” That’s on this…

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Free Indeed

The Fourth of July weekend in the United States is always a time of celebration—and that celebration includes sports. Baseball games will have special tributes, fireworks displays, and patriotic gear for players and fans alike. This weekend’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race, the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona Motor Speedway, will also carry a decidedly patriotic…

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