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The Resurrection: A Time Of Celebration Podcast


He is risen. He is risen indeed! On Sport.Org Radio, we’ll hear how our resurrected Savior has impacted the life and career of UNC-Asheville women’s basketball coach, Brenda Mock-Kirkpatrick. Also joining us will be former NFL wide receiver and current pastor, Roger Carr. Don’t miss “The Resurrection: A Time of Celebration” on this edition of…

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The Power Of Influence

Happy April Fools Day!  Though this is a day for practical jokes, I would like to talk about something rather serious—the influence we have on one another. Joe Gibbs, the Hall of Fame NFL coach and owner of NASCAR’s Joe Gibbs Racing team, is a follower of Christ who leverages his position in sports to…

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Fear and Trust

Opinions were strongly divided last week when a young NFL player suddenly announced his retirement from pro football—citing concerns for the game’s possible impact on his long term health. Some responded by applauding him for his self-aware decision and others accused him of being a quitter, but most recognized that it was a personal decision that…

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How Would Jesus Disagree? Podcast


Disagreements are a part of life. They happen in competition, on the job, and at home. Since we can’t avoid conflict, how should we deal with it? This week on Sport.Org we will look to the pages of Scripture to see how Jesus handled disagreement. To help us, former college football coach, Tommy Bowden, and former…

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“Come Unto Me…”

It is the NFL’s equivalent of NASCAR’s silly season, and players are moving from team to team so quickly that it seems impossible to keep up. Though the superstars in the NFL make millions, however, many players are just happy to have a job—and that is a sentiment easily understood in the light of the…

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Why Do You Pray? Podcast


For some athletes and coaches, prayer means little more than asking for a win on game day. But what does prayer mean to you? We’ll take a look at that question this week on Sport.Org. We’ll also hear the thoughts of former NFL running back, Jermaine Chaney. “Why Do You Pray?” Find out on Sport.Org. 

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Rising And Falling

We are now two months away from the annual NFL draft, and the science and art of player evaluation is going full tilt in the headquarters of every NFL team. With the player evaluation combine now completed, coaching staffs and player personnel teams are huddled in war rooms processing their data and discussing which players’…

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A Test In The Desert

During last night’s Super Bowl, the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks faced off for a titanic test in the deserts of Arizona. Yes, the game was held in the beautiful University of Phoenix Stadium, but make no mistake about it—the desert was the perfect setting for this test between the NFL’s two best teams….

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Maximizing Your Platform Podcast


It’s the highlight of the NFL season, and the most watched event of the year. It’s the Super Bowl! And while you may never take a snap in the championship game, God has given you a platform that’s just as important! This week on Sports Spectrum, learn how to maximize your opportunities when you hear from former Colts punter,…

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The Danger of Over-Confidence

On January 12, 1969, the New York Jets and the Baltimore Colts met in Miami for Super Bowl III, and it was expected to be pretty ugly. The Colts were heavily favored, and a certainty to humble the AFL Jets as thoroughly as the Packers had disposed of the Chiefs and Raiders in the first…

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