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Sports Parenting

Parenting and sports collide to present to us both great challenges and great opportunities. We have all seen the extremely unfortunate expressions of sports parenting, embodied in soccer moms, tyrant dads, and helicopter parents. But those are just the negative extremes. What about the moms and dads (like the parents of Denny Hamlin and Clint Bowyer, along with other NASCAR…

Victor Lee - Former Sports Spectrum Columnist

Former Sports Spectrum columnist and current author, Victor Lee, talks about the challenges of keeping an eye on eternity in the midst of our day-to-day living. He is our guest for the program, "Living with Eternity in Mind."

Ernie Johnson - TNT Studio Host

The versatile sports host Ernie Johnson shares what it meant to him to be able to work alongside his dad calling games, and how his faith helped him through his battle with cancer.

Daryl Christensen - Champion Walleye Fisherman

Daryl Christensen has won several championships as a walleye fisherman. But in this conversation with Sports Spectrum, Daryl talks about how championships and recognition still left him empty on the inside. His story is not one of seeking fame and fortune, but finding peace and purpose through a relationship with Jesus Christ. This championship fisherman has now become a fisher…

Steve Slain - Health and Fitness Expert

When it comes to beginning a health and fitness program, there are some important guidelines to follow that will not only make the journey enjoyable, but successful. Health and Fitness expert Steve Slain joins us to talk about these guidelines and how these same factors translate to our spiritual well-being.

A New Beginning

I love the start of a new baseball season. Every team starts fresh, every team and player has a blank sheet that they will fill with statistics, achievements, wins and losses over the course of the next 162 games. It’s a new beginning, full of promise and hope.

Beginnings are like that. They carry with them a deep sense of…

Sports Spectrum - Audition - Segments

You can elect to break away for local spots and information when you receive the program in "parts" via Amb-OS. We have illustrated the segment times below.

Sports Spectrum: Program Details
Time Length Segment Content
00:00 – 02:30 02:30 Program Open
02:30 – 03:30 01:00 Break - Local Position 1
03:30 – 14:00 10:30 Program Segment 1
14:00 – 15:00 01:00 Break - Local Position 2
15:00 – 28:00 13:00 Program Segment 2
28:00 – 30:00 02:00 Break -…

Sports Spectrum - Audition

From the same broadcast team who delivered the More Than Gold daily updates, we are pleased to announce some exciting format upgrades for the weekend edition of Sports Spectrum.
After lots of research and planning, the weekend one-hour edition of Sports Spectrum will reflect a new fresh sound effective the first weekend in April.  We encourage you to audition the pilot program and have posted the…

“More than Gold” Olympic Spotlight

One 2-Minute feature will be produced for each weekend during the competition. This weekend feature is designed to carry listener interest through the weekend and can be aired anytime during the three weekends of the Winter Olympics. These features will be available to stations before the start of the Olympic Games.

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