High School Football

Kris Hogan
Head Football Coach
Grapevine Faith High School

Interviewed By: Frank Giardina

It is not often that a high school football story garners national attention. But the whole country, in recent weeks, has learned the story of Grapevine Faith High School football coach, Kris Hogan. On this edition of Sports Spectrum Today, we hear the story of Hogan's team.

It’s a story that first appeared in ESPN Magazine and on Hogan's team played their final game of the season against Gainesville State School. It is a Texas facility for incarcerated youngsters. Gainesville has no marching band, cheerleaders or fan support.

They did the night they played Grapevine. Coach Hogan wanted the Gainesville youngsters to feel loved and to have hope for a better life. So he divided his school, his community and fans in half. One half served as the cheering section for Gainesville while the other half cheered for Grapevine.

It ended up being an encouraging night for all involved.

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