Bill Houston


Bill Houston grew up in Havre de Grace, Maryland, and began his radio career as a child by hooking up a 5-watt transmitter to his house antenna and “playing radio.” In high school, Bill sharpened his skills by volunteering at the campus radio station. From there, he built a career in secular radio.

After accepting Jesus Christ in 1982, Bill desired to use his abilities in radio to serve Christ. He went on to produce the radio program “Morning Cheer” and a short feature titled “Expressions.” Both programs originated from the studios at Sandy Cove Bible Conference in North East, Maryland.

Bill was welcomed to RBC in September 1994 as an associate producer. He went on to produce Radio Bible Class Weekend when the program began using a story format. In 1998, the program’s name changed from Radio Bible Class Weekend to Words To Live By. He now serves as lead producer for Words To Live By and Sports Spectrum as well as co-host of Sports Spectrum with Frank Giardina.