A New Season: A New Opportunity Podcast


It happens every spring: baseball teams begin a brand-new season, hoping they’ll make it to the World Series. On Sport.Org Radio, you’ll be encouraged as Blue Jays broadcaster Jerry Howarth and former Orioles hurler Scott McGregor talk about making the most of opportunities God provides us in new seasons of life. Listen to this edition…

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Serving The Master Podcast


As followers of Christ, we’re called to an important task. God asks us to serve Him by serving others. But how do we live up to this big responsibility? On Sport.Org Radio, we’ll ask former Olympic athlete Lauryn Williams what serving God looks like in her life. Lauryn is the only American woman to medal…

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The Resurrection: A Time Of Celebration Podcast


He is risen. He is risen indeed! On Sport.Org Radio, we’ll hear how our resurrected Savior has impacted the life and career of UNC-Asheville women’s basketball coach, Brenda Mock-Kirkpatrick. Also joining us will be former NFL wide receiver and current pastor, Roger Carr. Don’t miss “The Resurrection: A Time of Celebration” on this edition of…

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Defining Moments in Life Podcast


For figure skater Paul Wylie, the defining moment in his athletic career was capturing a silver medal in the 1992 Olympic Games. But a far more important event occurred when he committed his life to Jesus Christ. Paul will share his story this week on Sport.Org as we take a look at “defining moments” and God’s…

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How Would Jesus Disagree? Podcast


Disagreements are a part of life. They happen in competition, on the job, and at home. Since we can’t avoid conflict, how should we deal with it? This week on Sport.Org we will look to the pages of Scripture to see how Jesus handled disagreement. To help us, former college football coach, Tommy Bowden, and former…

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Caring For Our Bodies Podcast


Athletes know how important it is to care for the body. They go to great lengths to stay in shape so they can compete at the highest level. But do we have the same level of respect for the bodies God gave us? Join us on Sport.Org to hear what the Bible has to say about…

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Why Do You Pray? Podcast


For some athletes and coaches, prayer means little more than asking for a win on game day. But what does prayer mean to you? We’ll take a look at that question this week on Sport.Org. We’ll also hear the thoughts of former NFL running back, Jermaine Chaney. “Why Do You Pray?” Find out on Sport.Org. 

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Building Others Up–Delivering Constructive Criticism Podcast


Last week on Sport.Org Radio we discussed “accepting constructive criticism,” this week we take a look at “how to deliver constructive criticism.”  To help us understand what the Bible has to say about this important endeavor, we’ll visit with Nett Knox, Australian track and field chaplain, and we’ll also get the thoughts of Glen Korobov of…

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How Coachable Are You? Accepting Constructive Criticism Podcast


Though a coach’s instructions may be hard to hear, we’ll only improve by taking his or her guidance to heart! On Sport.Org Radio, learn how accepting criticism translates to our growth as Christians. We’ll hear from former Wake Forest guard Robert O’Kelley and from college basketball assistant coach Jeff Bauer on “How Coachable Are You?” Be…

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Building A Lasting Marriage Podcast


When putting together a championship caliber team, each player needs to exhibit sacrifice, commitment, and dedication. And the same holds true in marriage! On Sport.Org Radio, we’ll discuss “building a lasting marriage” with Jim Morris, former major league baseball player. It was his incredible story that was portrayed in the 2002 movie, The Rookie. Enjoy…

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