For God So Loved - Sharing Our Faith

Every year, the Christmas season serves as a rich reminder of how God so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son to die for us. On this special Christmas edition of Sport.Org, we'll examine the impact of sharing this wonderful truth with others in word and deed. Don't miss the conclusion of our month-long look at John…

For God So Loved - Finishing Well

Whether it's a play, a game, or even an entire season, coaches often remind players of the importance of "finishing well." On this edition of Sport.Org, we'll be reminded of God's great promise that He will also "finish the work He's begun in us."

For God So Loved - Marriage

While marriage comes with both joy and fulfillment, it also requires great sacrifice. This week we'll discuss how the sacrificial spirit required in sports translates to our marriage relationships. We're addressing the real issues in sports and life this weekend on Sport.Org.

For God So Loved - Salvation

Sport often provides us an escape from the pressures of everyday life, but only Christ can provide us with the lasting relief of eternal salvation. Don't miss the beginning of a month-long series titled "For God So Loved." Make Sport.Org part of your weekend!

A Thankful Heart

It’s Thanksgiving weekend! And on this weekend’s special edition of  Sport.Org Radio, we’ll hear how this year has been a blessing to Orlando Magic broadcaster, David Steele. We’ll also welcome Liberty University’s assistant football coach Ron Brown, and Motor Racing Outreach President Billy Mauldin for a reflection on the past season. Join us when we express “A Thankful Heart,” on Sport.Org Radio!…

Courage: Doing the Right Thing

As followers of Jesus Christ, we know we’re called to “do the right thing,”  but doing so takes courage and determination. On Sport.Org Radio, former NFL kicker Matt Stover talks about overcoming those times when we’re tempted to go against our convictions. Don’t miss an encouraging conversation on the power we find in trusting God, on Sport.Org Radio!

To Play or Not to Play

One day, every professional athlete will have to decide when it’s time to end their career. It’s never an easy choice. On Sport.Org Radio, we’ll hear how former NFL offensive lineman Jon Kolb and former major-league umpire Scott Grinder made the choice “To Play or Not to Play.”   Today on Sport.Org Radio.

Coaching: It's More Than Wins And Losses

For coaches in today’s world of sports, it’s either win, or risk losing their job. On Sport.Org Radio, we’ll find out how some coaches cope with the pressure and seek to honor God in the process. Among our guests is Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach, Lovie Smith. Discover why coaching is more than wins and losses on Sport.Org Radio!

Having A Short Memory: Moving Beyond Failure

Ask any player who just had a bad outing and they’ll immediately tell you they have to put it behind them and get ready for the next challenge. That’s sound logic not only in sports, but also in our Christian walk. Today on Sport.org Radio, we’ll be reminded that if we confess our sins, God will forgive us and remember it no…

Making The Tough Call

Sometimes leaders are required to make tough decisions. And on Sport.org Radio, we’ll visit with college football trainer John Spiker and Arizona State football chaplain Ricardo Stewart to hear about times they’ve been called upon to make difficult choices. Their insight will help us know what to do when we’re asked to “make the tough call.” Join us for Sport.org Radio!