Adjusting To Change

It happens all the time in sports, a team suddenly turns the ball over, and their opponents have to respond fast. And in the same way, life can also change without a moment’s notice. On Sport.org Radio, U.S. Paralympian John Register and college basketball coach Dean Lockwood help us understand the power that can be ours when we trust God during times…

Making Those Around Us Better

If you were coaching a group of players and your task was to make them better, what would that look like? That’s the question we’ll wrestle with on Sport.org Radio. Joining us will be Pittsburgh Steelers back-up quarterback, Landry Jones and Baltimore Ravens chaplain, Johnny Shelton. It’s all about “Making Those Around Us Better” on this edition of Sport.org Radio.

A Sports Career Is Temporary—A Life With Christ Is Eternal

You and I have a lot in common with today’s athlete. That is, we find it difficult to think from an eternal perspective. That’s why On Sport.org Radio, we’ll take a look at the temporary career of today’s athlete. We’ll hear from Milwaukee Brewers bullpen catcher, Marcus Hanel and former India cricket player, Paul Moses. This is your invitation to be…

When Others Let You Down

It may have happened today or maybe it was last week but most of us have felt the painful reality of being let down by someone else. On Sport.org Radio, we’ll take a look at how we can react to those moments. Helping us work through this important issue will be San Diego Padres pitcher, Ian Kennedy. Listen in on this edition…

Sharing Our Faith: How, When & Why

Think about the many conversations you’ve had this week. Did you talk about sports, the weather, or your faith in Christ? When you join us on Sport.org Radio we’ll discuss “How, When, and Why We Share Our Faith.” We’ll also hear the thoughts of NFL linebacker, Chase Blackburn. I hope you’ll join us on this edition of Sport.org Radio!

When Pride Takes Center Stage

The team is on a winning streak, they seem to be doing everything right, pride begins to fill their hearts and the locker room. What happens when pride takes center stage? On Sport.org Radio, we’ll answer that question. Don’t miss our visit with Arizona Cardinals broadcaster, Dave Pasch and Indiana University baseball coach, Chris Lemonis. That's all on this edition of Sport.org Radio.…

The Art of Sportsmanship

When you join us for Sport.Org Radio, we’ll visit with Colorado Rockies catcher Nick Hundley and Ball State University baseball coach Rich Maloney. They’ll help us understand “the art of sportsmanship.” It’s a concept addressed in the pages of God’s Word, the Bible, and one we can all take with us wherever we go. “The Art of Sportsmanship” on this edition…

Dealing with Injuries

When a player goes on the “disabled list,” it means they’ll be away from the game for an extended period of time. It’s a detour they weren’t expecting. Sound familiar? On Sport.Org Radio, we’ll take a look at handling such times with San Francisco Giants first-baseman, Brandon Belt. I hope you’ll join us for this edition of Sport.Org Radio.

Giving God Our Best Effort

The Bible encourages us to give our best effort no matter what we’re involved in. This concept is part of the makeup of any athlete. Why is it important? We’ll talk about it on Sport.Org Radio with former Major League pitcher Randy Tomlin, and Big League Umpire Ted Barrett. “Giving God Our Best Effort” on this edition of Sport.Org Radio.

Freedom From Anger

Fireworks are fun on the Fourth of July. But when explosions show up in everyday life, it’s a serious matter. On Sport.org Radio, we’ll take a look at “Freedom from Anger.” The Bible has a lot to say about this powerful emotion. Taking part in our discussion will be former LPGA pro Tracy Hanson and Virginia Tech Football Chaplain Dave Gittings.…