Trades and Today’s Athlete Podcast


Today’s professional athlete can play for one team today and end up competing for an entirely different team tomorrow. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll discuss how we can honor God in the midst of changing circumstances. We’ll talk with former Major League baseball infielder, Tony Graffanino, as well as Julie McKay, wife of Virginia basketball assistant…

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Maintaining Self-Control Podcast


We all face moments when our witness for Christ is put to the test, especially when it calls for maintaining self-control. When you join us on Sports Spectrum, we’ll seek direction on keeping our cool from Cincinnati Reds infielder, Skip Shumaker. We’ll also gain valuable insight from Tim Maloney, director of basketball operations at Baylor…

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The Ultimate Reward Podcast


Athletes who excel can expect a multitude of awards and accolades for their achievements. Unfortunately, both our talents and trophies won’t last forever. On Sports Spectrum, the team talks about the prize that never fades. Hear from former NFL center, Kevin Mawae, and Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt to discover “The Ultimate Reward.” That’s on this…

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The Local Church and Sports Ministry Podcast


In order to share the gospel with others, you have to speak their language. And for some, sports are the perfect way to communicate the love of God! On Sports Spectrum, we’ll hear from Chad Poprocki who leads the sports ministry program at his church. We’ll also visit with Rodger Oswald, president of Church Sports…

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Keys to Effective Leadership Podcast


Whether it’s at home, in the workplace, or on the field, God calls us all to be leaders. But that responsibility can seem intimidating, especially if we feel unprepared! Join us on Sports Spectrum as we examine what God’s Word has to say about being a godly leader. Listen to NASCAR driver, Blake Koch, and…

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Decision-Making God’s Way Podcast


Every day we are faced with a thousand different choices. So in the face of so many options, how do we know which decisions are the right ones? We’ll tackle that question on Sports Spectrum as we talk with Cincinnati Reds pitcher Lee Hyde and the chaplain of the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, Herbie Kuhn. Discover…

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Father’s Day 2014 Podcast


Enjoy a special Father’s Day edition of Sports Spectrum as we hear from major league baseball player Jerry Terrell and his son, Jeff. They’ll reminisce on the challenges and triumphs of the game they both love, and how it impacted their relationship.  Addressing the real issues in sports and life from a Father’s Day perspective…

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Strength and Conditioning, Growing in Christ Podcast


Building our physical bodies for endurance, strength, and long-term health requires dedication and perseverance. And the same can be said for our Christian lives. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll head to a major-league baseball stadium for insight into building up our faith. Don’t miss the conversation with Jason Donald of the Kansas City Royals and A.J. Ellis…

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Every Game Counts Podcast


When it comes to the playoffs, every game counts!  Join the Sports Spectrum team as they examine the pressure of the post season, and find principles that can help us both on and off the court. We’ll hear from Mike Rupp of the NHL’s Minnesota Wild, as well as Orlando Magic broadcaster, David Steele.  “Every…

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Staying on Track Podcast


This weekend marks the 98th running of the Indy 500.  And in order to wave that checkered flag at the end of the track, drivers have to stay the course. On Sports Spectrum we’ll examine how “Staying on Track” not only relates to drivers, but to followers of Jesus as well.  We’ll visit with writer…

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