It’s a fact of human nature: We don’t want to be held accountable for our actions! But that’s the world of the professional athlete. I hated being critiqued every day in practice and then every week about my performance in the game. When you have the mentality that you want to be a straight A student in life, you realize that having the right attitude, actions, and associates means being able to accept being held accountable. It also means you need the courage to hold others accountable. You see, when I played there were a number of athletes who would look you straight in the eye and say, “Who do you think you are that you can hold me accountable for my actions?” Isn’t it the same in our walk with God? First Peter 4:5 tells us that God will hold us accountable for the things we do. The biggest misconception is that we can’t, in love, hold our brothers and sisters accountable for their attitude, actions, and associates. As a player, understanding the importance of accountability was a scary proposition. Once I was able to live out that principle with my teammates, we were all on the same page and became a more effective and efficient organization. When we begin to grasp the importance of accountability, the body of Christ will become a functional, thriving presence in whatever community we live.