When I was about ten, my parents stepped out of the house for a while, and I thought it would be a good time to do some investigating. Mom and Dad’s closet seemed like a good place to start. I dug out a couple of old paper bags that contained scrapbooks. To my astonishment, I found photos and newspaper clippings about my dad’s football career. Even though my dad was a high school football coach, I knew virtually nothing about his playing days. You can imagine my shock to discover that Dad was the captain of the Penn State football team, selected to play in the East-West College All-Star Game, and drafted by the NFL. When I asked my dad why he had not told me about this really cool stuff, he told me he never wanted me to feel the pressure of having to play sports. He said he would love me and support me whether I ever picked up a ball or not. Not until much later did I realize the strength and power of those words. That was unconditional acceptance and love! All the years I played sports, Dad’s unconditional acceptance gave me the motivation, strength, and confidence to achieve to my highest level. Now I see how clearly this reflects the gospel. God’s unconditional love and acceptance of us that is found in His Son, Jesus Christ is the basis for our motivation, strength, and hope as we seek to honor Him. Because of Jesus, He accepts and loves us—unconditionally.