It was a tragic scene at Daytona International Speedway. The man who loved to race would never race again. His life was taken in a sport that literally rides on the edge. But Dirk Piz knew the dangers of motorcycle racing before he strapped on his helmet that day. Dirk rode in the Buell Pro Thunder series and was killed just a few weeks after Dale Earnhardt died on the same track. Dirk’s unfortunate accident happened because he tried to avoid another racer who crashed in front of him. His action cost him his life, but it saved the life of another racer. Let’s talk about another terrible scene. The place was Jerusalem. There a righteous Man was found guilty in a sham trial. His punishment was execution on a cross for something He never did. But that Man didn’t try to stop the execution. He knew that in dying, He would make salvation possible for the entire human race. Do you know His name? He died pursuing the passion He has for mankind. I don’t know if Dirk Piz knew Jesus. I don’t know if you do either. But you need to. You need to meet this righteous Man. He gave His life for you. None of us can hide from the fact that one day we’ll die. We all have to decide if we accept or reject Jesus. What is your decision?