One of the most exciting things I’ve ever done was to travel with a college basketball evangelism team. It was a thrill to take the gospel to thousands and thousands of people through a game I love to play. For more than a month, we traveled throughout the Philippines, playing more than thirty basketball games in front of large crowds of people. At halftime, we gave our testimonies of faith in Christ, we sang (as a singer, I was a good point guard), and we explained the gospel. After the game, we would go into the crowd and help people who had been led to pray to trust Jesus Christ as Savior. As thrilling as that was, imagine the excitement that must have coursed through the hearts of the very first gospel team God ever sent out. In Matthew 10, we read about the commissioning of the original twelve gospel-spreaders—a dozen hand-picked disciples who Christ Himself sent out to do His bidding. Their work was ground-breaking and dangerous, for they were proclaiming a counterculture message. Yet they were equipped with the power of God as their main weapon. Have you ever been involved in a gospel team? Opportunities abound to escape your comfort zone and touch a world that needs the countercultural message that Jesus saves. God will give you the strength, the wisdom, and the power to succeed. Perhaps it’s time to step out and get involved in a gospel team.