We think about a lot of things. If we were to transcribe every thought that went through our heads in just one day, the task would be a multi-day project. Participation in sports gives rise to a whole different set of thoughts from everyday life. During workouts, we may be thinking about how much weight we can lift, how to implement new plays or skills, how hard to push while nursing an injury, or even where the next competitive event will take place. One skill many athletes use during training and competition is imaging. This is the ability to create mental pictures or imagery that can assist you in becoming more proficient in any area you desire. Some people use imagery to practice a technique without doing the actual movement. Others use imagery to build their confidence as they watch themselves doing what is necessary to win their event. Imagery is not magical nor does it guarantee victory, but it is an effective tool that utilizes the God-given ability to think about things that are excellent. Imagery is often a vehicle through which athletes imagine greatness—whether they eventually achieve it or not. How gracious it was of God to design a way for us to see the goodness and the excitement of life through our mind’s eye! Whether in the heat of competition or resting quietly at home, make a point to think about, as Paul put it, excellent and praiseworthy things. And don’t forget, that means we need also to think about the great things God has done for us. Now, that’s true greatness!