Dense fog and sailing are not a good mix. A few summers ago, on the last day of a week-long youth group trip, our ten-boat flotilla woke up to thick fog. The final leg of our journey was a long one that required careful navigation to avoid running aground. Fortunately, several of the captains were prepared for just such an event. So we pulled up anchors and ventured out, closely following the captains who knew exactly where they were going. How did they know? They were using Global Positioning System (GPS) instruments, which use satellites positioned around the globe. Signals from space enable people on earth to determine their exact position. After we had motored (no wind for the sails) for a long time through the fog across a vast bay, able to see only the boat ahead of us, suddenly the key buoy appeared just to the port side of our boat. We were right on course! Since that day I have often wished I had that kind of foolproof system of finding my way through life when it seemed I was in a fog. At those times I have concluded that often all we can do is faithfully follow the One leading the way. We can trust Him to bring us right where He wants us to be (Proverbs 3:5–6). We may not be able to see very far ahead, but we are able to keep Christ in view, talk with Him, seek His wisdom, ask for His protection from poor choices, and live in obedience to Him. He will get us through those foggy decision-making situations and take us exactly where He wants us to be.