Often God reveals to me magnificent truths through my family. Such was the case a few years ago with my oldest son, Grayson. He is the future extreme biker of the family and in a word, fearless. At the age of 3 he would jump off our foyer steps into my arms. Never sensing that I was nervous, he would always spring into the air like a flying squirrel with a big smile on his face. Then came that fateful day that most fathers have experienced—the day things didn’t go as planned. My son jumped from way above only to feel my hands slide across the back of his legs. I had dropped him. He landed headfirst on the hardwood floor with a loud thud. Turning to pick him up in terror, I just wanted to see him moving his arms and legs, which he did. He cried in my arms for about 5 minutes. My wife Kym brought me some ice in a towel that I held on his head. Thank you, Father, that he was okay. After I wiped away the tears, I began to walk into the family room thinking to myself “Never again.” I noticed he didn’t follow me, so I walked back into the foyer to make sure he had recovered. And there he was—standing on the seventh step again with a big smile on his red streaky face and a big knot on his head. He mouthed the words “Got me?” And before I could answer he was in mid-flight again. Faith says “I believe in you.” Trust says more. Trust says, “You are good!” Because my Father in heaven has given me the life of His Son, Jesus, I know He is good. Therefore, I will jump!