There are few things in the NFL more excruciating than the day after the game when we watch the game film, and our coaches correct our every mistake from the game—in front of all our teammates. One week in particular, I was dreading watching the film. On one play, as I was covering a punt, my opponent blocked me so hard that no matter what I tried, I could not get off the block. It is no shame to get blocked, but to stay blocked is unacceptable, and I was getting knocked backward almost as fast as the returner was running forward. Our opponent had a big return, and I was nowhere near the play. The next day, I could barely stand thinking about watching my failure in front of all my teammates. I wished there was some way out of the impending judgment, but I knew I was guilty and there was no way out. However, as the play developed, the cameraman had starting zooming in on the returner, and I wasn’t even on the film. No, I didn’t get credit for the tackle on that play, but I didn’t get condemned for not getting off the block. There was no record of my failure. What an example of the grace Jesus bought for us on the cross! We were guilty—with no way out from the judgment we deserved—but Jesus shed His blood so that our sins would be washed away. When we accept His free gift of forgiveness, then there is no record of those sins. God, through Jesus, forgives us.