Before the 2001 football season began, Napoleon Kaufman retired to devote himself to Christian ministry. Here’s his account of how he first became interested in spiritual things. Once I reached the NFL, I got the money, got those cars, and women too—supposedly everything anyone could possibly want. Yet I was still empty inside. It must have showed because, although I’m normally a very upbeat person, I had people sending me Bibles and other things. I’d check them out, but eventually just shrug it off. Looking back, I realize that the Lord was calling me. In June 1996, I began to take heed of some of the things people were saying. I began to read my Bible. I realized how far off the mark I was. I began to read that the peace you receive—the true peace, the everlasting peace—comes through Jesus and not through wealth, cars, women, or any other material possession. He’s the only One who can give you true peace. At the same time, I was approached in training camp by a teammate who said, “Man, you know what? You don’t even seem like the type of person who would be cussin’ and acting like the rest of these guys.” That was all it took. That night I went to my room and said, “God, I want to repent for the stuff I’ve done. Please forgive me!” I asked Jesus to come into my heart and make me a new creature. That was August 1996, and ever since then I’ve been dedicated to serving God and growing spiritually. Have you repented and turned your life over to God?