As we prepared for Super Bowl XXXV, I was asked by a reporter to write a daily Super Bowl diary. It gave me a chance to reflect on this huge game. For instance, as I got ready for the biggest game of my career, I found that I spent most of my time on my knees and not on my cleats. I felt that I had to surrender my insufficient strength and ask God to arm me with strength for the battle before me (Psalm 18:39). Over the years I’ve been asked many times, “How can you play football on Sunday?” It was no different as we got ready for the Super Bowl. My answer has always been this: True worship is envisioning yourself at the throne of God, and it is not confined to the place you might be. The football field becomes my place of worship on Sunday as I give God the glory after each field goal attempt—make or miss. Right before we took the field for the Super Bowl, I had the privilege of sharing in worship with many believers on my team. As Trent Dilfer led us in prayer, we looked into one another’s eyes and truly had confidence. With many of us having our eyes focused on Christ, we worshiped and then went to battle unified. Few people will ever experience the thrill of playing in and winning a Super Bowl—but we all have the opportunity and privilege to worship God at His throne anytime and anywhere. We also have the opportunity to join Him in victory over the biggest battle ever—the battle for lost souls.