Trust is a difficult concept to grasp. It is even harder when the chips are down. I remember the second time I made it through Qualifying School for the LPGA Tour. I had shot 83 the first day, and the prospects of keeping my card on Tour weren’t looking very bright. After much prayer and reflection, I decided that there wasn’t much I could control, and I decided that I would give the rest of the week over to God. The only thing I could control was to discipline myself to stay committed and play every shot to the best of my ability. How the rest of the field did was something that I could not control. I knew that God held my future in His hands and that no matter what happened, He knew what was best for me. After deciding that I would yield control to God, a tremendous burden was lifted from me because I knew that I no longer had to worry. All I had to do was my very best and trust that God knew the best plan and way for me. The next day I shot a 67, and I picked up my first career hole-in-one. I also played well the remaining two days, and I was able to keep my card for the following season. There is something freeing about letting go and letting God handle your concerns. It is hard to do, because we all want to exercise some form of control in our lives. If we could just learn to let God be in charge, we would have less to worry about in our lives. After all, He’s our Maker. Of course He knows the best plan for our lives.