While playing with the Washington Freedom in the United Soccer Association, I tried to bring my best to everything I did. That was my approach in every game, every practice, every chapel, and every encounter with family and friends. You never know when it’s going to be your last day at the stadium. This was a concept I learned back in 1996. That year I tore my ACL 6 months before the Olympics. I questioned God when that happened. I wanted to know: “Why did You allow this to happen? Why do I have to go through this right now? Why did it turn out this way?” You know what happened next? I came to my senses and realized that God asks us questions also. He asks, “Why did you ignore Me this morning? Why don’t you trust Me? Why don’t you spend time with Me? Why can’t you be satisfied with just Me?” There were times during the summer of 2001 when I felt a bit like Play-Doh. I was being pushed and pulled, squeezed and pounded in all different directions, in all areas of my life. The reality of this is that although the Play-Doh goes through all these changes, it never loses its consistency, it never loses its toughness, and it never loses its identity. It is still Play-Doh. Same thing with us. We may go through some trials, some struggles, but it doesn’t change who we are in Christ. We still have our identity in Christ. We can still trust Him. I had to learn to trust Him, be satisfied with Him, and spend quality time with Him. That is how I dig in and stay focused. God gets me through the pushes and pulls, and that allows me to bring my best to every situation.