Have you ever wondered if you are bearing fruit for the Lord? This is a question I asked over and over before it was answered for me while I was a soldier in the US Army. I was on an Army detail—helping load my unit’s bags on the plane that would carry us to Saudi Arabia. On the bus ride to Altus AFB from Fort Sill, Oklahoma, I spoke about Christ to a young man who was seated next to me. Our conversation was very basic. After we got off the bus, I went to do my job. I did not see him again until two months later. Our unit set up just outside the neutral zone in Saudi Arabia. A friend and I started a nightly Bible study. One month after the Bible study started, I saw the young man I had witnessed to. He was at the study. During the invitation he came forward and gave his life to Jesus Christ. I observed this from the back of the meeting tent. When this man was asked how he came to Christ, he pointed back to me and said, “It was because of him.” He went on to say that when he loaded the plane, someone witnessed to him; when we stopped in France, someone witnessed to him; when we stopped in Egypt, someone witnessed to him. He concluded by saying, “I knew that God was calling me to make a commitment for Him, and it began with that guy back there! You could have mopped me off the floor as the life lesson of 1 Corinthians 3:6 hit me dead in the heart. So, if you are ever in a situation where you don’t think you are being effective—just remember that God is giving the increase to your good works!