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Temptation: It's a Lifelong Battle Podcast

If you were to list the top three areas where you struggle the most, would temptation make the list? For many the answer would be “yes.”  Make plans to join us on this edition of Sport.Org Radio for a discussion on dealing with temptation. Among our guests is Alan Williams, assistant coach with the NFL’s Detroit Lions. We're addressing the real issues in…

Out Of Bounds-Challenges To Sexual Purity Podcast

How do you maintain sexual purity in a world in which sex sells? On Sports Spectrum we will discuss challenges to sexual purity and what God’s Word has to say about overcoming purity pitfalls. Join chaplain Bill Crowder and Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Alan Williams as they weigh in on the discussion “Challenges to Sexual Purity,” right here on “Sports Spectrum.”…

Pursuing Excellence for the Right Reason Podcast

When our goals are out of line, we can work hard, but the results never truly satisfy. The Sports Spectrum team talks with Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator, Alan Williams, and Indiana Pacers chaplain, Dr. James Jackson, to understand what it means to “Pursue Excellence for the Right Reason.” Listen to this edition of Sports Spectrum.