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The Beginning of a Long Journey Podcast


A Major League baseball season consists of 162 games, not including the playoffs. The start of the baseball season is only the first step in a long journey toward the goal of a World Series win. On Sports Spectrum we’ll talk with Cleveland Indians outfielder, David Murphy, and Milwaukee Brewers play-by-play announcer, Brian Anderson, about how…

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Leaving The Past Behind Podcast


In Philippians 3, Paul reminds us to “forget what lies behind and strain forward to what lies ahead.” But we often try to move forward in life with our eyes glued to the rear-view mirror! On Sports Spectrum we’ll explore how to move beyond the mistakes and failures of the past. Join us as Chicago…

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The Pressure of the Postseason Podcast


The pressure to win can be overwhelming during the regular season. But in the postseason, the burden to succeed can be unbearable. On this Sports Spectrum we’ll discuss biblical strategies for dealing with pressure. As we gear up for the World Series, we’ll hear from former big league players Chris Singleton and Scott McGregor as they discuss…

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Dealing With Disappointment Podcast


We’ve all faced disappointment at one time or another. So how do we keep it from bringing us down? On Sports Spectrum we visit with Cincinnati Reds outfielder Chris Heisey to learn how he deals with disappointment over the course of a long baseball season. Addressing the real issues in sports and life on this…

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When Your Faith Is Tested Podcast


We all face times when our faith is tested. When the doubts come, do we trust and rely on God? Or try and make it in our own power? On Sports Spectrum, we’ll talk with University of Illinois women’s basketball coach, Matt Bollant, and former Major League pitcher, Brian Holman. They’ll offer some guiding principles for getting…

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Embracing Your Role as a Leader Podcast


What makes a father a strong leader in the home? This Father’s Day weekend, we’ll visit with Donald Nava, father of Red Sox outfielder, Daniel Nava, and with former Major League pitcher Rich Hand, as they discuss what it means to “Embrace Your Role as a Leader.” A special Father’s Day edition of Sports Spectrum.

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A Fear of Failure Podcast


When fear grips your heart and anxiety attacks, where do you turn to for help? On “Sports Spectrum,” we’ll examine what the Bible says about fear, and why God’s followers don’t need to worry. Hear what Pro Golfer, Bill Rogers says about overcoming A Fear of Failure on this edition of “Sports Spectrum”!

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Balancing Life’s Priorities Podcast


Between work, family, and keeping up the home it’s easy to succumb to the stress of a chaotic schedule. This Mother’s Day weekend hear practical solutions for “Balancing Life’s Priorities.” Thoughtful dialogue with Major League Baseball coach Turner Ward and former Olympic softball player Leah O’Brien-Amico. Enjoy this timely edition of Sports Spectrum.

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Closer Podcast


He’s called upon when the game is on the line in the ninth inning. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll take a look at the role of the “closer” and what we can learn for our spiritual lives. Don’t miss our conversations with former big league pitcher, Mark Dewey, and college baseball coach, Rusty Strap. We’re discussing…

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Hot Corner Podcast


Third basemen know line drives can come their way at any time. Life throws many unexpected challenges our way too, and the key is preparation. We’ll discuss the “Hot Corner” on Sports Spectrum with former major-league infielder, Jerry Terrell, and chaplain Tim Griffin. Discover the “Hot Corner” on this edition of Sports Spectrum.

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