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Trades and Today’s Athlete Podcast


Today’s professional athlete can play for one team today and end up competing for an entirely different team tomorrow. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll discuss how we can honor God in the midst of changing circumstances. We’ll talk with former Major League baseball infielder, Tony Graffanino, as well as Julie McKay, wife of Virginia basketball assistant…

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Maintaining Self-Control Podcast


We all face moments when our witness for Christ is put to the test, especially when it calls for maintaining self-control. When you join us on Sports Spectrum, we’ll seek direction on keeping our cool from Cincinnati Reds infielder, Skip Shumaker. We’ll also gain valuable insight from Tim Maloney, director of basketball operations at Baylor…

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Decision-Making God’s Way Podcast


Every day we are faced with a thousand different choices. So in the face of so many options, how do we know which decisions are the right ones? We’ll tackle that question on Sports Spectrum as we talk with Cincinnati Reds pitcher Lee Hyde and the chaplain of the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, Herbie Kuhn. Discover…

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Every Game Counts Podcast


When it comes to the playoffs, every game counts!  Join the Sports Spectrum team as they examine the pressure of the post season, and find principles that can help us both on and off the court. We’ll hear from Mike Rupp of the NHL’s Minnesota Wild, as well as Orlando Magic broadcaster, David Steele.  “Every…

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Determined to Make a Difference Podcast


Our days are filled with hundreds of choices, both big and small. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll discuss how to make the ultimate decision each day to impact others for the Lord. Hear from Longwood University head basketball coach, Jason Gee, and Missouri Southern State University defensive coordinator, Wally Ake, as they weigh in on “Determining…

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‘Maxing Out’: Giving Our All For Christ Podcast


It takes talent, desire and discipline for professional athletes to reach their full potential. And like the pros, we need an all-out dedication to be all that God wants us to be! On Sports Spectrum, we’ll talk about how to fully commit to following Christ. Don’t miss conversations with Detroit Tigers player, Don Kelly, and…

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A Life Transformed Podcast


Hitting the game-winning shot in the final seconds is thrilling. But nothing is more important, or more exciting, than the decision to follow Jesus Christ. On Sports Spectrum, former professional soccer player Derek Smethurst and Liberty University men’s basketball coach, Dale Layer, share their stories of walking with God. We’re talking about “A Life Transformed” on…

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Sports Idolatry Podcast


With instant stats and scores, following your favorite team or player has never been easier. But when the game becomes the most important thing on our agenda, our priorities need shifting! On Sports Spectrum, hear from college basketball coach Charlotte Smith and sports broadcaster Fred Hickman on the negative impact of idolizing sports. That’s all…

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Sports, Ridicule, And The Christian Life Podcast


How do you respond when those you love question your beliefs? It’s not easy defending your faith in the face of persecution. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll hear the thoughts of Major League umpire Ted Barrett, and former NBA head coach, Del Harris on how to handle “Sports, Ridicule, and the Christian Life.” You’ll want to…

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What Message Are We Sending? Podcast


Both parents and coaches send a message to young athletes, but what is that message and is it honoring to the Lord? We’ll take a look at this important topic on Sports Spectrum as we visit with high school basketball coach, Curt Simic, and South-Eastern Conference associate commissioner, Mark Whitworth. We hope you’ll tune in…

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