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Becoming a Game Changer Podcast


When the game is on the line, the team needs an athlete who’ll get the job done. In the same way, God needs men and women who’ll turn the tide in a critical moment. On Sports Spectrum learn what it takes to “Become a Game Changer” with insight from former NFL tight end Jay Reimersma…

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Know Your Opponent Podcast


There are many factors that contribute to victory on the playing field, not the least of which is knowing your opponent; the same is true for growth and victory in the Christian life. We’ll look at the parallels on Sports Spectrum as we visit with North Carolina State broadcaster, Johnny Evans; former NBA coach, Ed…

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Chad Pennington – NFL Quarterback

Chad is an NFL quarterback who played with the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins. In our program, “Knowing Your Opponent,” Chad talks about the week-to-week preparation of an NFL quarterback. The best quarterbacks are those that are ready for what their opponents do best and can take advantage of their weaknesses. He draws spiritual…

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Surrendering Your Career Podcast

We’re addressing the real issues in sports and life as we talk about “Surrendering Your Career.” On this edition of Sports Spectrum, Miami Dolphin’s quarterback Chad Pennington will tell us what that looks like for him and we’ll also visit with Amanda Cromwell; she’s the head women’s soccer coach at the University of Central Florida….

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