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Determined to Make a Difference Podcast


Our days are filled with hundreds of choices, both big and small. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll discuss how to make the ultimate decision each day to impact others for the Lord. Hear from Longwood University head basketball coach, Jason Gee, and Missouri Southern State University defensive coordinator, Wally Ake, as they weigh in on “Determining…

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Becoming a Team Player Podcast


In most sports, it’s not enough to have a single star player. You need a strong team around you in order to achieve success! So as a Christian, are you a single performer or a team player? On Sports Spectrum, be listening as former Loyola Marymount women’s basketball assistant coach, Tracey Wolff, and former Clemson…

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Calling a Timeout Podcast


When life gets tough it would be nice if we could simply signal to the refs for a “timeout”! On Sports Spectrum we’ll explore how to do just that. Join us as SCORE International National Basketball Director, David Conrady, and University of Tulsa Head Football Coach, Bill Blankenship, share a biblical foundation for taking a…

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A Life Transformed Podcast


Hitting the game-winning shot in the final seconds is thrilling. But nothing is more important, or more exciting, than the decision to follow Jesus Christ. On Sports Spectrum, former professional soccer player Derek Smethurst and Liberty University men’s basketball coach, Dale Layer, share their stories of walking with God. We’re talking about “A Life Transformed” on…

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Moving The Chains-Growing In Christ One Step At A Time Podcast


Most games aren’t won by a Hail Mary, but by small, consistent plays that move the ball forward. Join us this week on Sports Spectrum as we discuss moving the chains, and growing in Jesus, one step at a time. We’ll learn as we hear from Charlotte assistant football coach Jeff Mullen and Houston Texans…

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Taking a Stand for Christ Podcast


In word, action, and deed, we can take a stand for Christ. On Sports Spectrum, Milwaukee Brewers coach, Marcus Hanel, and former Los Angeles Dodger pitcher, Carl Erskine, join us to share examples of how the Lord can use us when we stand up for Him! We’re talking about “Taking a Stand for Christ” right here…

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Giving God Your Talent Podcast


God blessed each of us with talents and abilities. But it’s up to us to determine how we’ll use those gifts. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll talk with San Diego Padres third baseman, Chase Headley, and Campbell University football coach, Mike Minter, as they offer guiding principles on “Giving God Your Talent.” Be listening to this…

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A Lasting Legacy Podcast


We all want to make an impact on future generations but often don’t know where to start. On Sports Spectrum, NHL veteran Shane Doan and Raves assistant coach Craig Ver Steeg talk about what it takes to build a lasting legacy. We’re addressing the real issues in sports and life on this edition of Sports…

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Giving Grateful Praise Podcast


Each of us has been blessed with unique skills and abilities. On Sports Spectrum, special guests Roger Lipe of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and women’s basketball coach Beckie Francis reveal how God’s blessing in the sports arena provides a platform for giving Him praise. Enjoy this edition of Sports Spectrum.

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Sports Idolatry Podcast


With instant stats and scores, following your favorite team or player has never been easier. But when the game becomes the most important thing on our agenda, our priorities need shifting! On Sports Spectrum, hear from college basketball coach Charlotte Smith and sports broadcaster Fred Hickman on the negative impact of idolizing sports. That’s all…

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