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When Your Faith Is Tested Podcast


We all face times when our faith is tested. When the doubts come, do we trust and rely on God? Or try and make it in our own power? On Sports Spectrum, we’ll talk with University of Illinois women’s basketball coach, Matt Bollant, and former Major League pitcher, Brian Holman. They’ll offer some guiding principles for getting…

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Behind the Mask Podcast


Genuine Christlike behavior is the goal for all of us, but sometimes we lack consistency. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll address the issue of our true character as we go “Behind the Mask.” Among our guests, Major league umpire, Ted Barrett, and Grand Canyon University baseball coach, Andy Stankiewicz. I hope you’ll join us for this…

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The Heart of a Coach

When our boys were young, I enjoyed coaching them in Little League baseball and in youth soccer. It was fun because it gave us great times together, but what made it even more special was seeing their growth and improvement as they applied what they were being taught by myself and the other coaches. As…

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Know Your Opponent Podcast


There are many factors that contribute to victory on the playing field, not the least of which is knowing your opponent; the same is true for growth and victory in the Christian life. We’ll look at the parallels on Sports Spectrum as we visit with North Carolina State broadcaster, Johnny Evans; former NBA coach, Ed…

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Helping Others Succeed Podcast


When it comes to reaching into the lives of others, helping them be successful is definitely part of the package. When you join us for Sports Spectrum, we’ll find out the steps to take in the process as we hear from former NBA player, Bobby Jones; Baylor men’s basketball coach, Scott Drew; and we’ll talk…

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Helping Others Succeed

One of the most profoundly satisfying ways of helping others succeed is through mentoring. Mentoring is the intentional act of inserting yourself into another person’s life for good purpose and right motive to help them become better because of your input and involvement in their lives. This is, of course, one of the primary reasons…

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Developing A Winning Game Plan Podcast


What goes into developing a winning game plan? We’ll find out on Sports Spectrum as we visit with three-time Super Bowl champion head coach, Joe Gibbs. Former college football head coach, Tommy Bowden will also give his thoughts. “Developing a Winning Game Plan” on the field and in life, we’ll be talking about it on this edition…

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Chris Bando – Former Major League Catcher

Chris Bando shares the experiences of big-league life and the challenges of managing that lifestyle on our show, “Balancing Life’s Responsibilities.” He is now the head coach at San Diego Christian College where he has the chance to share this wisdom with young players struggling to keep the right perspective.

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