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Dollars & Sense: Making Wise Financial Decisions Podcast


There’s big money to be made as a professional athlete. On Sports Spectrum we’ll learn how to handle money God’s way from those who’ve experienced those big paychecks. Be listening as former NBA player Hubert Davis and St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson discuss “Dollars and Sense: Making Wise Financial Decisions.” Catch it on…

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Formulate A Winning Game Plan: Finances Podcast

With each passing season, the contracts grow larger, the labor strife becomes more intense, and some may say that the financial aspect of sports has left them uninterested. On this Sports Spectrum, we’ll continue our series on “Formulating a Winning Game Plan” as we look at sports and finances with former New York Knick guard Hubert Davis,…

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A Game Plan For Finances

Money has become a huge part of sports at every level—as witnessed by the monumental payouts at the recent BCS bowl games. With pro athletes demanding, and often getting, enormous contracts, you would think that they would never have another worry about money—but not so. Repeatedly the sports pages are filled with ink about athletes…

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