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Becoming a Team Player Podcast


In most sports, it’s not enough to have a single star player. You need a strong team around you in order to achieve success! So as a Christian, are you a single performer or a team player? On Sports Spectrum, be listening as former Loyola Marymount women’s basketball assistant coach, Tracey Wolff, and former Clemson…

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The Biggest Victory of All Podcast


Half of the US population will gather around their TVs to watch two teams compete to be Super Bowl champions. While we may never hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy, as Christians we can claim an even bigger prize! On Sports Spectrum, hear from Super Bowl winning coach, Tony Dungy, and others associated with this year’s…

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Leaving The Past Behind Podcast


In Philippians 3, Paul reminds us to “forget what lies behind and strain forward to what lies ahead.” But we often try to move forward in life with our eyes glued to the rear-view mirror! On Sports Spectrum we’ll explore how to move beyond the mistakes and failures of the past. Join us as Chicago…

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Calling a Timeout Podcast


When life gets tough it would be nice if we could simply signal to the refs for a “timeout”! On Sports Spectrum we’ll explore how to do just that. Join us as SCORE International National Basketball Director, David Conrady, and University of Tulsa Head Football Coach, Bill Blankenship, share a biblical foundation for taking a…

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Christ Our Ultimate Significance Podcast


With amazing catches, last second shots, and the roar of adoring fans, it’s difficult for athletes to remember their worth is not wrapped up in what they can do, but rather who they are. On Sports Spectrum, former NFL coach, Charlie Skalaski, and Jimmy Page of Fellowship of Christian Athletes weigh in on finding our…

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A Coachable Spirit Podcast


In sports and in life, it’s not enough to be talented; you must be coachable as well. Join us for this edition of Sports Spectrum as we discuss what it means to have a coachable spirit, on and off the field. We’ll hear from University of Richmond offensive coordinator, Brandon Streeter, and former NFL analyst…

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Giving God Your Talent Podcast


God blessed each of us with talents and abilities. But it’s up to us to determine how we’ll use those gifts. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll talk with San Diego Padres third baseman, Chase Headley, and Campbell University football coach, Mike Minter, as they offer guiding principles on “Giving God Your Talent.” Be listening to this…

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Making the Most of Your Platform Podcast


Whether it’s in our homes, at the office, or in our church, each of us have a sphere of people we influence. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll discuss how to make the most of the platform God has given us. A timely conversation with former Detroit Lions kicker, Jason Hanson, and North Carolina State broadcaster, Gary…

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Sacrifice Podcast


Being part of a team means sacrificing your personal agenda for the good of the team. This Easter weekend the Sports Spectrum team will look at the ultimate sacrifice, God’s gift to each of us in His Son, Jesus Christ. We’ll hear from former Dallas Cowboy, D.D. Lewis, former NFL wide receiver, Torrance Small, and…

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Defeating Discouragement Podcast


Discouragement can rob us of our peace and joy in Christ. So how do we keep discouragement from gaining a foothold in our lives? On Sports Spectrum we’ll take a close look at ways to defeat this enemy and live in victory! Don’t miss the conversation with former NFL players Rich Gannon and Mike Barber….

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