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High Hopes


Last Friday, when the Chicago Cubs called up wunderkind third-baseman Kris Bryant from the minor leagues to join the big league squad, they were making a statement. A two-fold statement, in fact. First, the long-time strugglers from Chicago’s north side were making a statement that they intend to contend this year. They intend to compete…

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The Promise Of Spring

As a resident of the frozen north, few things signify the promise of spring to me more clearly than the azaleas at Augusta. I recognize that, according to the calendar, spring began on March 20—but, for me, spring doesn’t really start until The Masters. The beautifully landscaped hills of Augusta National that we will see this…

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Confronting Addictions Podcast


Join us on Sport.Org Radio for an important conversation on steps we can take to confront addictions and help those we love find freedom. Dean Bouzeos of Athletes in Action and former LPGA pro, Tracy Hanson, will discuss how the Bible offers direction, hope, and help. Don’t miss this important discussion on Sport.Org Radio.

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Hope Deferred

I remember when the first Super Bowl was played in the 1960’s. The Packers were the neighborhood bully, and the Chiefs never had a chance. Two years later, however, the balance of power began to shift as Joe Namath and his Jets shocked the pro football world by knocking off the feared Baltimore Colts. By…

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Grief Is Messy

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with family, including a nephew who played college football for Marshall University. As we discussed the Thundering Herd’s great 2014 season, I was struck by how far this school and this program have come since its darkest days. I was living near Huntington, West Virginia, when…

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Don’t Quit

In the award-winning film “Chariots of Fire,” one of the characters chronicled (alongside Scottish sprinter and missionary to China, Eric Liddell) is legendary British sprinter Harold Abrahams. Abrahams is obsessed with winning, but in a preliminary 100 meter dash leading up to the 1924 Olympics, he is soundly beaten by his rival, Liddell. His response…

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God’s Choice, Our Hope Podcast


From athletes to coaches, from teams to fans, everyone needs a sense of hope. It gives us the strength to keep going when we feel like giving up. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll take a look at the ultimate hope God has provided in Jesus Christ. Join us as we talk with former LPGA pro Tracy Hanson and…

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A Time to Mourn

Once again this past weekend, tragedy hit the world of motorsports. On Saturday night, at Beaver Dam Raceway in Wisconsin, sprint car driver Scott Semmelmann was killed when his car made contact with another car during practice and the resulting flipping threw the car into the wall, killing the 47-year-old driver. This was the second…

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Defending the Faith

This weekend, the 2014 National Football League season kicks off; and the Seattle Seahawks have begun the defense of their Super Bowl crown with the season’s home opener last night against the Packers—which the Hawks won convincingly, 36-16. And it is very appropriate to think of it in terms of a title defense, for the…

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Aftermath of Tragedy

Yesterday, NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series was in Michigan for the Pure Michigan 400—and for the second consecutive week, one of NASCAR’s biggest stars was not driving. Tony Stewart is still dealing with the aftereffects of the fatal accident that took the life of driver Kevin Ward, Jr. a week ago in upstate New York. While…

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