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Natural Gifts And Talents Podcast


What’s the difference between your natural gifts and talents and spiritual gifts? This week on Sports Spectrum, Indiana Pacers chaplain, Dr. James Jackson, and former Major League outfielder, Matt Meiske, talk about this important distinction. Be listening to this edition of Sports Spectrum.

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The Peril of Complacency Podcast


So often the obstacle standing in the way of a win is not the opposition, but our own complacency! On Sports Spectrum, former Indiana Pacer, Tom Abernethy, and NC State Football color analyst, Johnny Evans, discuss the danger of settling for mediocre when we should be striving for the best! We’ll also go to the…

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‘Maxing Out’: Giving Our All For Christ Podcast


It takes talent, desire and discipline for professional athletes to reach their full potential. And like the pros, we need an all-out dedication to be all that God wants us to be! On Sports Spectrum, we’ll talk about how to fully commit to following Christ. Don’t miss conversations with Detroit Tigers player, Don Kelly, and…

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Pursuing Excellence for the Right Reason Podcast


When our goals are out of line, we can work hard, but the results never truly satisfy. The Sports Spectrum team talks with Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator, Alan Williams, and Indiana Pacers chaplain, Dr. James Jackson, to understand what it means to “Pursue Excellence for the Right Reason.” Listen to this edition of Sports Spectrum.

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Clark Kellogg – Former NBA Player with the Indiana Pacers

Clark Kellogg was an outstanding college player with the Ohio State Buckeyes and went on to play in the NBA with the Indiana Pacers. He may be best known for his work with CBS Sports and their coverage of college basketball’s March Madness. But it’s Clark’s walk with Christ he hopes makes the biggest impact. In…

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