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Spiritual Gifts Podcast


God has given each of us special gifts and talents. But how do you know which gift you have? Join us on Sports Spectrum, as we look at spiritual gifts, and how to find yours. Former pro baseball player and now pastor Jeff Terrell weighs in. And we’ll also get the insight of Jimmy Page from the Fellowship of…

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Christ Our Ultimate Significance Podcast


With amazing catches, last second shots, and the roar of adoring fans, it’s difficult for athletes to remember their worth is not wrapped up in what they can do, but rather who they are. On Sports Spectrum, former NFL coach, Charlie Skalaski, and Jimmy Page of Fellowship of Christian Athletes weigh in on finding our…

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Loyalty Podcast


We demonstrate commitment in the way we treat our spouse and care for our children. But for the follower of God, the first priority should be to our Lord and Savior. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll examine what the Bible has to say about loyalty as we visit with U.S. Olympic bobsledder Elana Meyers. Be listening…

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Working Through a Slump Podcast


Things are going great. Everything is falling into place perfectly . . . until life throws you a curve ball. On Sports Spectrum, we’ll hear from Jimmy Page of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Penn State gymnastics coach, Randy Jepsen, as they share steps for “Working Through a Slump.” That and more on this edition of…

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Time Management Podcast


You’ve undoubtedly used phrases like “where’s the time gone” or “there are just not enough hours in the day.” On Sports Spectrum, we’ll take a look at how we can manage our time in a God-honoring way. To help us work through the issues will be Jimmy Page of the “Fellowship of Christian Athletes,” Stephanie Zonars…

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Health & Fitness Tips to Enjoy Summer Podcast

Discover the best ways to stay healthy and enjoy the outdoors. FCA health and fitness expert Jimmy Page outlines good eating habits and exercise, and former NHL player Paul Kobylarz highlights a productive workout for athletes. So join us for “Health & Fitness Tips to Enjoy Summer” on this edition of Sports Spectrum.

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