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Setting Priorities – First Things First Podcast

As baseball season progresses this summer, every one of the 750 Major League players will have to re-evaluate whether baseball is their top priority. And as Christians, we’re called to do the same thing regarding our relationship with God. This weekend on Sport.Org, we’ll find encouragement in keeping first things first with David Murphy of the Cleveland Indians and former…

Powerful, Effective Prayer Podcast

Current Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, says, “In every decision I’ve made, it’s been first through prayer.” When you join us on Sport.Org Radio, we’ll investigate the power of prayer with Darrin Gray of All Pro Dad. We’ll also hear from college basketball coach, Deb Patterson.  We're looking at “Powerful, Effective Prayer” on this edition of Sport.Org Radio.

Temptation: It's a Lifelong Battle Podcast

If you were to list the top three areas where you struggle the most, would temptation make the list? For many the answer would be “yes.”  Make plans to join us on this edition of Sport.Org Radio for a discussion on dealing with temptation. Among our guests is Alan Williams, assistant coach with the NFL’s Detroit Lions. We're addressing the real issues in…

The Resurrection: A Time Of Celebration Podcast

He is risen. He is risen indeed! On Sport.Org Radio, we’ll hear how our resurrected Savior has impacted the life and career of UNC-Asheville women’s basketball coach, Brenda Mock-Kirkpatrick. Also joining us will be former NFL wide receiver and current pastor, Roger Carr. Don’t miss “The Resurrection: A Time of Celebration" on this edition of Sport.Org Radio!

Why Do You Pray? Podcast

For some athletes and coaches, prayer means little more than asking for a win on game day. But what does prayer mean to you? We'll take a look at that question this week on Sport.Org. We'll also hear the thoughts of former NFL running back, Jermaine Chaney. "Why Do You Pray?" Find out on Sport.Org. 

Maximizing Your Platform Podcast

It’s the highlight of the NFL season, and the most watched event of the year. It’s the Super Bowl! And while you may never take a snap in the championship game, God has given you a platform that’s just as important! This week on Sports Spectrum, learn how to maximize your opportunities when you hear from former Colts punter, Hunter Smith. Before you sit…

Grateful For God’s Goodness Podcast

On the Thanksgiving edition of Sports Spectrum, we’ll visit with Super Bowl-winning head coach, Tony Dungy and former NFL wide receiver, Don Beebe on what it means to be thankful for God’s goodness and grace. This Thanksgiving, be reminded of God’s blessings when you tune in and join the Sports Spectrum team.

Guarding Your Heart Podcast

Proverbs 4:23 tells us to “guard our hearts . . .” But what exactly does that look like, and how is it accomplished? On Sports Spectrum, we’ll hear from former LPGA golfer, Tracy Hanson and former NFL running back, Napoleon Kaufman as they discuss ways to protect our hearts. Join us for an important discussion on this edition of Sports…

Why Do I Matter? Search for Significance Podcast

We’ve heard the questions many times, "What’s my purpose and why am I here?” On Sports Spectrum, we’ll examine how God’s Word answers those questions. We’ll also hear what former NFL player, Rich Garza's, and former Olympic diver, Laura Wilkinson's thoughts are on these questions. “Why Do I Matter? A Search for Significance” all coming up on this edition of…

Walking by Faith Podcast

When you hear the challenge to “walk by faith,” what comes to mind? Maybe you think of spiritual activities like prayer, Scripture reading, and church attendance. But is there more to it than that? On Sports Spectrum, the team talks with former NFL wide-receiver, Tim Brown, as he shares his thoughts on what it means to walk by faith. Listen…